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Games that you can play like a total sandbox/dollhouse

Gamingtodaynews1e - Games that you can play like a total sandbox/dollhouse

There is a certain type of gameplay that I really enjoy, and it's not possible to really do in most games.

I wanted to post this because I want to see if anyone actually does share this sentiment or like for this type of gameplay.

Basically what I mean is games that you can play in an unintended way where it kind of becomes like a dollhouse. For example, in Worms 3D/Ultimate Mayhem it's possible to use the hotseat multiplayer to instead play by yourself as multiple teams. I used to do this a lot as a child and use it to play out my own stories. Because I could control everyone but also attack myself, I used this to play for example hostage situations or a "mission" and I had a whole story and drama in my head for my little plays.

In the RTS Rise of Nations, it's possible to put yourself as multiple people onto gameslots. With this you can control multiple sides in the game and attack yourself. I always played as two nations at once and then played out some kind of political war/drama game in my head.

I feel like I have never encountered any games that allow you to do this by default and not through some kind of loophole. For example, this is possible in any game that allows a hotseat mode. But games that don't have a hotseat mode can often not do this. The only reason I can play Rise of Nations this way is that it for some reason lets you put yourself on multiple player slots. But in Starcraft, Warcraft, etc. I cannot do this because it only lets you put AI on slots.


Furthermore, when I google if anyone else has enjoyed playing like this, I have found very few results. I have found a thread I believe about Rise of Nations where someone liked doing this, but not for anything else. When I do google for games that allow me to do this I only get results about for example playing chess against yourself to learn or Civ 5 against yourself also to learn. Does nobody just use this to frick around like I do?

The appeal for me is that it's almost like advanced toys. As a child I also always used to play out these stories, but with toys. But because of the lack of real systems there was only so much I could play out with those. With an RTS game I can actually play around with a lot more things, but most RTS games don't really allow me to play like this since they only allow you to put AI into local match slots.

My ideal game would be an RPG where I can just create characters and give them a side they're on, control them all by switching between them and make them fight each other to play out a story in my head.

It makes me sad that there isn't much demand for this and that RTS games that could easily have allowed you to put "player" into several slots just don't allow it because they don't realize there's some use for it.

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