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Games today are no longer games

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So many games in this century are mostly in my opinion trash. They have lost what made them special which is "fun." I dont have any fun in "competition." What they call "games" today are just like the fucking Olympics. Its always about who's the best. For example call of duty. Call of duty is nothing more than a magnet and a den for trolls, toxic players, and insecure bullies. Its something to feed the "players" ego. Every fucking game is all competition, competition, and more competition which breeds anger, hatred, jealousy of others skills, an ego arena, with VERY few people who are the complete opposite. Game developers no longer focus on the "fun" and "positive emotions" games used to give people playing them. Halo 3 was one of my first games I ever played and just like many others I fell in "love" with it. I used to stay up late as fuck to play and have "fun" as if I was living a beautiful fantasy. Even though it had competition it didn't lose the fun and so much of it that I had playing the game. Call of duty black ops 1 and 2 definitely had competition but somehow something about them still gave me a feeling of fun. Game developers then gave "genuine" effort in making the games "fun." The fucking stories these many games I've played in the past were able to touch my emotions and my childish heart. I am older now and I have grown past my child hood fantasies but I will always remember that these games had something special and a special place in my child-like heart. But as we look closer from the time then til now almost every game since then are about money, greed, and the effort put into making these games were not genuine but for their own profit. They don't care about giving the players the same sense of fun I've had so much back when developers actually cared for the games they made and put in genuine effort. If the developers do not put love into what they make then the players will not have love for the game. This is the pattern I've seen. The people who actually cared about their games cared also for what the players think. So many developers today only develop games for the sake of profit and they would only care about what you think only if it helps benefit them. Another pattern I also see is the more we move forward into the future the more games focus less on the emotional part and more on what would bemefit them. Selfish and greed are the most dominant sins within many people who develop games today. Only when you put love into it is when games are given even more care and more care for the players.


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