Gaming News presents: monthly PlayStation charts – with numbers, worldwide, for ~5100 games

Gamingtodaynews1e - presents: monthly PlayStation charts - with numbers, worldwide, for ~5100 games

GameGrowth (1 Feb – 1 Mar)Total player counts (as of 1 Mar 2019)
Apex Legends+21,300,00021,300,000
For Honor+3,300,0007,700,000
Real Royale+2,100,0004,300,000
FIFA 19+1,900,00022,500,000
Grand Theft Auto V+1,500,000128,000,000
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4+1,500,00020,900,000
Red Dead Redemption 2+1,200,00017,300,000
Kingdom Hearts III+930,0002,600,000
Marvel's Spider-Man+860,00013,800,000
Resident Evil 2+840,0002,300,000
Jump Force+820,000820,000
NBA 2K19+800,0006,000,000
Mortal Kombat X+550,00022,400,000
God of War+510,00013,200,000

Here are top-20 PlayStation games, ordered by total player base growth from 1 February to 1 March. You may see how the rest ~5100 games performed on


All right, first, WTF is

It all started in December right here on Reddit when we discovered "MyPS4Life leak" and eventually obtained total player counts for a bunch of PS4 library including 100 most popular titles. It was a pretty well-known story.

Then there was a small follow-up you might have missed (I have time to either work on this project or promote it, chose the first). In February I applied some math to those numbers and managed to calculate total player counts for ~5000 PlayStation games, including PS3 and Vita titles (see explanation on Ars Technica).

Now is on its way to becoming "SteamSpy for PlayStation". There's a long road ahead, but another important step was taken.

Plans for the nearest future:

  • regional monthly charts (for every region, you must be fed up with "UK charts"),
  • big numbers about PSN ecosystem (MAU on every platform, regional distribution and stuff),
  • some detailed stats for every game (take a look of what it's going to look like eventually).

Which one you'd like to see next?

Speaking of which.

I've already satisfied my curiosity, and this project somehow magically transformed into a very time-consuming and unpaid job for a video games industry.

We already have all the necessary raw data, but it takes tons of calculations and adjustments to do it properly. If you're really interested to keep this project going, you can support (there's a link to Patreon on a website) to help bring up all these numbers.

I mean, if you're professionally interested. If you're just curious, follow on Twitter to see how the project is going.

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