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Gear-Fair based PVP

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I recently spent some time playing Dragonnest mobile. It is not without the many flaws associated with the mobile gaming genre (see MTX, whales dominating in PvE content etc).

But i played it longer than i expected because of one aspecr: there are some pvp modes which are independent of gear and levels. E.g. a warrior at lvl 60 will have the exact same stats as a warrior at lvl 30 with lesser gear. Which isolates the difference down to purely (i) the player's skill level and (ii) the char skill build.

I found this mode of pvp very engaging for someone who favours skill-based gameplay. There can be no claims of p2w (at least in these modes). While some balance issues exist btw classes, a less-meta class in the hands of a skilled user can still easily win a meta-class used by a less-skilled opponent.


This mode recognises players for their skills, something that cannot be measured by one's willingness to pull out the credit card. Good pvp players on each servers are well-regarded, and are sought after for guild pvp events, even if they are fully f2p. Matches between known-pros are widely spectated, and fights are often nail-biters. Outcomes are not predetermined just because one player has a distinct advantage over the other (whether its a product of more time/money spent).

Are there any other games that employ this model of pvp?

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