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Good morning all,

I have never been a gamer, its always appealed but i have a very short attention span and get bored really easily. I bought the original xbox….then gave it to my brother 3 weeks later. Then i bought a DS which again spent its life in a drawer and finally a Wii (because of the balance board and fitness possibilities – which never made it out the box) . I still have the Wii and managed to complete COD on it, but thats where it ended.

So fast forwarding a bit, I have a 10 yr old daughter who spends way more time than she should playing Roblox. During the school holiday her cousin came over with a switch which they played happily for a few hours. after they left she was asking me about consoles….and my response was "probably a PS4 is the best console" (mainly because I don't like Microsoft and the Nintendo just seem a bit cartoony and all same same). Little did i know, after that there were secret conversations with her grandma (and santa) and low and behold Christmas morning was the unwrapping of a PS4 slim 1tb and a few games.

So i set the whole thing up, created a couple of PSN accounts and parental controls and she was off. but then the dilemmas hit.

PS+ or PS now? or both? from my understanding:


* PS+ gives you 2 games a month and lets you play games you purchased online providing you keep a subscription.

*PSnow lets you play a back catalogue of games and those games online providing you keep a subscription.

Is it better just to buy the games you want and then have PS+? I mean if you get bored with those you can always trade them in i guess to help fund other titles.

I signed up to the trial for both, she was hoping some roblox kind of games existed for the PS which of course it doesn't, so she has minecraft and is less than impressed.

We have been playing lego harry potter which she is enjoying, but similarly to me, unless she is playing with other people she loses interest really quickly. I thought spyro or crash would keep her attention but again, if she's playing on her own she would rather go back to roblox with her friends.

Are there any games that would fit the bill for this pre teen?

Sorry, this post went all over the place with some varied questions. I just don't know where to stick money that's going to have the best benefit



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