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First off i will start with the flaws of mmorpgs and possible solutions that could hopefuly fix them.

In a mmorpg there are 2 things that people never can get enough of, and that is wealth and character power. Now the wealth part is fine its usually limit less or the cap is astronomicaly high, but the character power is the problem.

Problem 1: As long as there is a level cap, and you have all the best sets in the game, and all your skills maxed out, then there is no more power to achieve, and this is where meta builds start to kick in, and everyones character becomes copy paste mages thanks to a youtube video. However in some cases, New and stronger classes and/or gear will be added as dlcs that you need to pay for, and that makes the game into p2w, its just not as "in your face" as the mmos who sell "The godsword" with 1milion damage for 50 bucks in their online store.

Solution: Visible level cap is 100, which is the golden number that unlocks everything in the game. But you will still level after that, and you get a 1% increase in all of your characters stats for each level, and all lvl 100 sets/gear scale with each level as well. -Now the problem with that would be that the ppl who have played the longest would always be the strongest in PvP, but that could also be fixed If all progression after level 100 is disabled during PvP modes. Think ESO system, noCP battlegrounds. This would mean that you as a player can attain more character power forever, which mmos is all about 'progression'.

Problem 2: Class system, yes i may get some hate for this but hear me out. There is no Roleplaying If you are forced into playing a specific way, thanks to classes. If you pick a class that is healing based, you will more then likely be forced to be a healer in any group content, and apart from that you will always see the same boring stuff that your class do for years and years to come, and it becomes stale and boring.


Solution: Remove the class system alltogether, add spells that you can craft or learn instead, this opens up for true diversity for everyone no matter what you chose in the beginning years ago.

Problem 3: Lack of depth and immersion. When you play an mmo, everything feels so simplified and copy paste like. Like questing, "go to X kill 10 wolves, come back and get paid" Times 90% of every quest in the game, its boring and repetitive, and thats why many players rather go and kill 1milion rats because it gives more xp and just as fun as the quests.

Solution: Create the game with a single player rpg in mind, and then build it further into an mmo, red dead redemption 2 and their online version is a good example of this, it doesnt feel like a simplified version of its single player mode.

Problem 4: Proc sets. Here is an example "Ejnar the god's garments. Effect when wearing the full set: Press 1 button, and a meteor will automaticly fall from the sky on your player enemy, dealing 1million damage and cant be blocked or dodged. Sets like this is what takes away player skill from the game, especially in pvp.

Solution: Make sets stats based instead, and add some cool visual effects. Its that simple.

Problem 5: Stale combat. Add skills to button 1,2,3,4,5+ and everytime you press those buttons the skills fire and always hits your target.

Solution: Remove autoaim, this makes combat more dynamic where movement actually matters.

I could rant on and on with more stuff, but at this point i am more interested in your thoughts/opinions? Do you disagree, or do you feel something in the list is missing?

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