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Genshin Impact – Still Gacha, But Free Content Okay

Gamingtodaynews1b - Genshin Impact - Still Gacha, But Free Content Okay


So I noticed that Genshin Impact (GI) got a lot of hype and people compared the game to BoTW. I don't own a nintendo, I am PCMR so I have never played the latter. But I heard it's a nice casual open world for a legend of zelda game. Regardless, I gave GI a try on my phone…and I quit it. Because moving the camera around was awful with those interfaces. I've never been much for gaming on the mobile phone. The interface is just awful. But it turns out it is also on the PC. So I downloaded it. So let's list some pros and cons of the game.


Very much an open world game and for the most part, money doesn't really hinder you from traveling to one place or the next. Climbing is a nice component. I don't play a lot of open world games besides ES and FO. With ES you can kinda scale mountains, but the way you do it, it's pretty clear the devs wanted you to not do that. Whereas in Genshin Impact, scaling hills and mountains is expected and nicely built in. There are a lot of puzzle like stuff in the game to make your open world seem to be worth it. Like figuring out how to get to these orby power ups you offer to a statue (anemoculous and geoculus).

Combat is interesting. A big part of it is mixing elements and you are allowed 4 different people in your party for you to switch up. Like have a water type do damage and then ice can combo to cause a freeze, then you can switch to an electric to cause another effect. The chaining of combos is where the fun is at. Personally I just like hitting weak spots with my archer.

Every gacha or P2W game basically wants you to use money to buy things. They might give you a few free currency, but you ultimately have to pay for it to get the good stuff. No different here, but I have been able to get away with using the store quite a few time without using money.


Despite the pros I've listed, each of those have their own cons as well. For example, yes it is open world, but unlike ES or FO, the open world doesn't really feel like it's worth it. In those games, it seems worth it to explore. Depending on what you encounter, each of those situations can be their own arc as well. Sure there are some quests in GI that are not the main quest that have multiple rounds, but it's short never the less. You can encounter daedra in your off site encounters in ES. There is just a lot more variety of the experience you get exploring.


With GI, there kinda…isn't. Sure each quest is different, but it's kinda meh. The puzzles I've mentioned are pretty repetitive too and not at all challenging. Use your matching elemental type to light the torches. Or shoot the ballon thingys you triggered. Fly to great heights so you can glide down to get an anemoculous….It almost feels like copy pasta open world. And don't get me wrong, ES and FO had some of this too, but there was definitely more variety in those games.

I did say combat was interesting. But when it comes to the archer…it is not. You really do a lot more damage with the charge shots and it's slow. It's not as rewarding. So a lot of it is you kiting with it as you wait for your charge shot. Not as fun. In addition, if you aim down and are on a rock, or ledge, you can't get down unless you get out of aim mode…which is a very bad experience if you are on top of debris or pebbles during a fight…you wonder why you got "stuck". You are also in third person while fighting and aiming while in third person is not the best experience. Most fights are uninspiring mobs. It starts becoming a grind of bosses and instances which cost this resource called resin.

In addition to the above about resin, this game has a lot of alternative resources. So while there is a lot free content. They still fall under the pit falls of making people pay to play. Literally pay to play. You need to have this resin stuff to get the rewards from the bosses. You can fight the bosses, but not enough resin? Can't get the loot.

PC ports is an after thought. How do I know? Because I can't remap my keybindings. Also there are way too many tabs. I like it better when games have one button to open up a screen and in it are tabs to go to inventory, character sheet, cash shop, etc. But they all have that as different buttons which is ridiculous.

Stamina system makes sense for combat, but it doesn't make sense for traveling and climbing. It is more cumbersome than immersive.


I think this game is worth playing for a little bit, but it falls off pretty quick. I am playing it right now because I am waiting for a few things to happen before I switch to a different game. It's probably the best gacha game out there. But temper your expectations. It's casually fun open world that falls off quick and reminds you that the publisher is Mihoyo so why would you expect anything more.

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