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Get rid of levels in MMOs

Gamingtodaynews1g - Get rid of levels in MMOs

Okay listen and hear me out before insta downvote

  • If you can't get through wall of text, skip to last paragraph for my suggestion about getting rid of levelling in MMORPGs

It seems like the whole genre has been going to shit lately and yes a-lot of it can be attributed to shitty developers, shitty studios and shitty games over the last 10 years but honestly I believe we as players also take a huge part of the blame.

We all constantly complain that there is nothing out there and bla bla bla but there are literally hundreds of MMOs out there besides the current top 3, the problem I see overall is that we as MMORPG gamers have become Rinsers.

Does anybody remember the very first MMO that they played, mine sure was grindy, but I did not really care that much about my level. My first MMO had a level cap of literally 120 and when you reached 120 you can rebirth and level all over again for more stat points lol. However the most fun experience I ever had on that game was probably between lvl 1 – 40. Getting into a new world, making friends, fighting with friends, chilling out on hang out spots chatting, drama , duels etc this is why we all truly used to IMMERSE in MMOS. Now I'm not saying the system of gaining experience and leveling up is flawed, Im just saying a majority of us are pretty burnt out of that shit and literally just do it on auto pilot now not actually even really enjoying it which is the main issue, We are no longer ENJOYING playing these games.

We have just become lvl bots who : Step 1 – jump from game to game, race and grind to max lvl, rinse content, get bored and cry about it, hop to another game, do the same thing before going back to your original game that you still cant let go of and getting your nostalgia fix and rinse and repeat from step 1.


I remember when I played blade and soul, that game was pretty damn good but the way it was set up, you are literally just a solo player, other players are basically npcs to help you finish dungeons and dissapear into the abyss when the dungeon is over and you are just rushing to finish all these theme park tasks the game demands you to do or you will fall behind, I said to myself one day, wtf am I doing I'm not even having fun playing this shit so why am I forcing myself?, and switched over to MOBAs for a few years.

It amazes me how companies fail to see that, you shouldn't tell players what to do in an MMORPG game you should let them play in their world however they feel, heck I think we don't even realize it ourselves, MMORPGs have become routine slave tasks of dailies and weeklies and EVERY SINGLE CURRENT big title MMO is guilty of this, no exception and new ones don't seem to be stepping outside the box.

Now I feel like perhaps if an MMO came out with no Leveling system, you are just a character there is no grinding for experience from lvl 1 to whatever but you play the game in a different way. You could spend your time aquiring/grinding for different things like Items or Skills/Abilities and choose whatever path you want to take. Perhaps the more you use an item it could get stronger in order to reward some form of progression, or the more monsters you kill your abilities get more powerful or in order to learn new ones you need to spend a long time crafting/gathering/alchemy or whatever. This would immediately erase the intial race to lvl x Rinse ideology and people may actually sit back and take the time to enjoy a game again.

Just an idea, let me know what you think.

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