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Getting burnt out with games recently. Having trouble looking for a game that I can just have mindless fun with long term.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Getting burnt out with games recently. Having trouble looking for a game that I can just have mindless fun with long term.

So I've recently been getting burnt out with gaming. Gaming was a hobby of mine ever since I was a kid, but at the same time I kinda think it was mostly fun cause it usually happened with a friend or family members.

My first gaming experience was through the Gameboy Advance when I used to live in the States, where I would play with my brother and my neighborhood friends. We played Kirby, Pokemon, Mario all in multiplayer wired up. Although I did enjoy these games in single player, most of my gaming time was spent with my brother, and it made the experience much more fun.

I later moved to Korea and over time we upgraded to the Gameboy Advance SP and the DS before completely switching over to PC around late elementary/middle school.

Well as you get older things like gaming with friends in a group happen less and less. Once I switched over to PC, most of my game time consisted of Maplestory and Fifa. Well, I eventually stopped playing all those games as they got increasingly became too pay 2 win but I still really do enjoy the gameplay of Maplestory. I've played all kinds of RPGs but nothing really did it for me like Maplestory, although it got stale after a lot of hours eventually.

I played League for a few years but I stopped since I never really truly liked MOBA games as it is very sweaty and stressful a lot of the time. Also, solo queuing in these types of games are often toxic, and makes the experience more of a chore, especially as you get better.

Now in 2015 I grabbed Rocket League which is probably my most committed game I've played so far with 3800 hrs clocked in. I liked this game since it was 100% skill, and I really had a true passion to get better. I still play this game a lot but at the same time growth can only go so fast after all these hours. I've already hit super high ranks and can do all the things that I wanted to do when I started out the game. Even if it's still rather fun, now it seems more like a chore. I personally won't complain about all the issues Rocket League has but nowadays I'm starting to feel a little burnt out. It seems like now I'm mostly spending time in freeplay instead of actually playing the game since it just gets rather frustrating to play sometimes.

I've been grabbing some random games here and there recently to fill the void but it's been very difficult personally. I just happen to be picky and end up not enjoying most games since it either seems too repetitive (There are fun repetitive games but most games aren't like that for me), too predictable, or just simply boring.

Here are some genres I generally didn't like:

  • Shooters

I've never been a fan of shooters. Yeah getting kills can be fun but it never really stuck to me. If you think about once everyone gets versed on tactics and maps, it all becomes about who can point and click fast.

There are some shooter games with gimmicks that I was very interested in. Overwatch was probably the most fun I've ever had in a shooter game but it also became somewhat boring after a while for some reason. Rainbow Six Siege has one of the most sophisticated gimmicks in a shooter game but damn, it's really hard. Everyone seems to know the ins and outs of the map and I'm getting shot at from nowhere. R6 seems more like a shooter game for the knowledged and experienced.

  • Open World Games

Whether they are shooters, swordfights, or some other gimmick, most open world games just weren't that fun to me. None of the Assassin's creed games were fun to me, the Witcher series, GTA, Skyrim, etc. None of them were very fun to me. I feel like one of the most important aspects of open world games: exploration was simply not very fun. Even if it was an open world game, most of the journeys seemed very linear, or more of a chore.


There are two open world game I enjoyed and they were Zelda Breath of the Wild and Subnautica. Exploration in these games were just something else. I wanted to go to uncharted depths. I could see cool structures across the map that I wanted to explore, and no matter where I went, there was always content that I could go through, regardless of how strong/weak I was at the time. It didn't collide with the story that much, without any need of backtracking. All the quests are optional, and I didn't have to follow anyone.

  • Storytelling Focused AAA Games

This is probably something more personal, but I've never been really interested in stories. I am not really interested in any movies, tv shows, or books. When I read the story of something, it's because I'm truly curious about something, or to seek knowledge, but I've never really had much fun with fictional stories.

A lot of storytelling focused AAA games seem to have gameplay that is too similar to each other. Most of it consists of: cutscene – shootout with a group of enemies, some puzzle, and more cutscene. The thing is, the gameplay itself really isn't much at all. You can either shoot someone head on, or go for a stealth kill creeping around spaces. The thing is, it feels more like a chore after a few of those, while the whole game is that stuff over and over again. I mean, the whole genre is that stuff over and over again. Even if it's not a shooter style AAA game, the gameplay itself is rather limited and the choices you get in the end are kind of limited from what I've seen.

Yes, you can beat each level in a different way by using bows, bombs, guns, and swords altogether and do some really flashy play, but it never really felt like true freedom for me.

So given that I personally am not really interested in the story, the gameplay of most AAA games were just underwhelming to me. I guess AAA games are more like interactive movies, so for me they don't seem to quite do it for me.

The thing is, in each genre of game, there have been at least 1 or 2 games that did satisfy me to some degree. However, most of these games didn't have much replay value to me since the wonder of the first playthrough is kinda gone. That is what makes me end up pursuing games with near infinite replay value like Rocket League. However, I've been wanting to try more casual PVP games since competitive PVP can get stressful after some time.

Well, if you think casual PVP I can think of two things:

1. Free for all

Fall guys is kinda like this, but I personally found fall guys to be fun only when playing with friends.

2. Mass vs Mass

I think this is one of my favourite genres to play, and I'm currently looking for a game to play in this genre.

I've played Mordhau and It's been a lot of fun. I also am interested in stuff like Holdfast but I'm wondering if there are other games that don't necessarily involve gunplay. Some dumb gimmick is fine as long as it's mass vs mass and mindlessly fun, regardless of how good you are or who won in the end.

Is there anyone else here getting burnt out with games? I just can't seem to find a game that makes me want to play more.

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