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[Giveaway] Free physical copy of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Master Edition)

Gamingtodaynews1g - [Giveaway] Free physical copy of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Master Edition)

Hi everyone!

TL;dr at bottom. So as the title says, this post is to give away a brand new, physical copy of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition (this comes with the base game as well). Before I go into the "qualifications" to receive the game, I'd like to go over a short backstory as to why I am doing this:

I was at a local, small salon recently getting my hair colored. The stylist was a young guy and a huge gamer. As he was going through the process with my hair, we talked about all sorts of gaming stuff. I could tell he was very passionate about his job and was being very meticulous with the styling and coloring. At a certain point, he said that he wanted to buy Borderlands 3 and his fiancé wanted the new Link's Awakening. However, due to tight finances, no health insurance, and other unfortunate things, they simply could not afford to buy any new games. This made me feel horrible, since I know that gaming has always and will always be my go-to comfort and enjoyment in life, no matter how tough things get. I made sure to tip him well and am going to buy him BL3 when I see him again.

The moral of the story is this: There are many hard-working people out there who still don't make enough money to really get by and enjoy life. Video games are a great source of relief and escape for many. Having been extremely fortunate on the finance side of things all of my life, I feel like it would be great to help other people find a way to temporarily escape their day-to-day struggles with a new game.


With all of that said, my only requirement for this giveaway is that you play the game and do not simply add it to your unplayed/sealed game collection. Ideally, I'd like it to go to someone who wouldn't normally be able to afford a new, $40-$60 game, but naturally I can't verify that.

So, anyone who wishes to receive the game (I am only giving away 1 copy), please comment about one of your most memorable times where video games helped you get through a tough situation (emotionally, financially, whatever). I'll end this tomorrow, October 4th, at 5pm US EST. Once I select someone, I'll PM you.

Tl;dr: I want to spread gaming joy to those that may not be able to afford it but deserve it. Comment about a time when gaming got you through a tough situation to enter for a free physical copy of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Master Edition). Ends October 4th at 5pm US EST. Only ships within the US (sorry international gamers)

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