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Giving my thoughts on every Mario game I own in honor of his death: Dr Mario

Gamingtodaynews1g - Giving my thoughts on every Mario game I own in honor of his death: Dr Mario

I don't have any solid proof of this, but I'm starting to believe that this game was made to introduce NES players to the gameboy. It just seems right, this was one of the first Mario games on the NES to be ported over to the gameboy and so seamlessly too. Besides, I think from just looking at this game compared to all of the other Mario games out by the time of its release kinda confirms that. Not only that, but this feels like a game that would be right at home on the Gameboy. But regardless of why this game was made, does it still hold up as a puzzle game? Here are my thoughts on Dr Mario.


I actually don't have any nostalgic memories of this game, I can't even remember when I first heard of this game's existence. There are some other entries in this game that I feel kinda nostalgic over, but not the first one. However my spanish teacher once told me that she would always play this game at her grandparents house as a kid, and I swear I just got second hand nostalgia from that alone. Also I'm a fan of Brentalflosses lyrics video on this game. So theres that.


Marios a doctor now. Deal with it bitches.


Dr Mario follows a tetris style gameplay pattern that progressively gets harder as it gets onward.

Each level begins with the screen being filled with multi colored viruses ranging from red, blue, and green. The amount of viruses on the screen depends on how high the player sets the 0-20 difficulty, with 0 being the easiest and 20 being the hardest.

One by one, a series of pills which will be either red, blue, or yellow will fall down from the top of the screen. They can be both of the same color or two seperate colors. The player must use these pills to eliminate the viruses on the screen by stacking three of them in line with the viruses retrospective color. For example, lining up three or more blue sides of pills in line with a blue virus will work as well as lining up a double blue pill with 2 blue viruses. The speed of which the pills fall can be controlled by the player by setting it from 3 separate settings: Low, medium, or high. High is the hardest setting.

The player can rotate these pills to their liking by pressing a and move them around the screen as well in order to formulate the most effective way of eliminating the viruses. This is a lot easier with the double colored pills as opposed to the separate colored ones.

The player can also get a heads up about what pill they are getting next by looking at the pill that Dr Mario is holding on the side of the screen.

Trust me, this is a lot less complicated than I'm making it seem.

There's also a two player mode, in which two people will set separate difficulty and fall speeds and play against each other to see who can clear their side of the screen first. While i've never played this, it looks like a lot of fun.

The only problem I actually have with the gameplay is how slippery the controls are. There were multiple times throughout my gameplay that the pills went WAY further than I wanted them too when I moved them. Normally this wouldn't be THAT big of an issue, but considering that it only came at the worst possible moment.

In conclusion, it's kinda a combination of Tetris and candy crush, and that's why I like it!



On the NES, the graphics are pretty much exactly what you'd expect them to be. No more, no less. It does get a bit more wild with its colors than other Mario games on the NES, but it's nothing too exciting.

The REAL accomplishment here is the Gameboy graphics.

I'm genuinely surprised that they managed to take such a color based game and turn it over to a color deprived console so well. The main reason why I think this works is because of how the gameboy version doesn't rely on colors so much as it relies on shades and patterns. Not only does it do the job well-it does it creatively well.


While deciding the difficulty, the player is given two sound options that play for the duration of the level.

The first is fever, which is the theme that the game is most known for. It's a catchy, upbeat and moderately paced tune that suits the gameplay style well. While you probably won't catch me listening to it the way I listen to other games, the soundtrack still helps enhance the gameplay a lot.

The second one is chills. I just found out that this may very well be the most underappreciated song in video game history. While its nowhere near as good as fever in my opinion. It gives the game a more relaxed, melancholy experience than the fast pace fever song. I don't know anyone who prefers chills over fever, but mixing the two up every once in a while is pretty fun.


So what do I think of this game overall? I feel like this was nintendos spin on the puzzle genre, and I definitely think it works. While maybe not enough to play it for hours on end, I do think this would probably work well as a mobile game for candy crush moms to play (which I think it already is). The only thing really holding it back from being a 5 / 5 would be the problem with the slippery controls. So overall I im gonna give this game a ⅘.

Ports and remakes

Like I said earlier, this game got a port onto the Gameboy

Honestly I already mentioned any noticeable changes with the graphics, so Im just gonna tell you which one I think is better.

Its a little tough for me to say honestly because while the NES version is definitely improved visually and graphically, the gameboy version really goes well with the genre of this game in being able to play it anywhere anytime. So honestly, its gonna be different strokes for different folks for this one. In other words, I have no solid answer.

Ways to play this game today

-If you have an NES and a cartridge of this game, you can play it that way -If you have this game downloaded on wiishop, you can play it that way. But wiishop is closed in 2021, so youdhave to have it already downloaded -If you have a Wii U, Its available on eshop for 4.99 + tax, which I think is a little much for this game -Its one of the 30 game included in the NES classic -Its available on NES online for the Nintendo switch

As for the GBA port

-If you have an original Gameboy and a cartridge of this game, you can play that way -If you have a 3ds its available for 3.99 + tax.

So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Id love to hear your opinion in the comments! Anyways thats gonna be all for this one so until next time, happy gaming.

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