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Gloria Victis – 1.000 Steam keys giveaway to celebrate our latest updates!

Gamingtodaynews1f - Gloria Victis - 1.000 Steam keys giveaway to celebrate our latest updates!

Hello Reddit!

I'm Bartold, one of the designers working on Gloria Victis, a medieval MMORPG. We'd like to celebrate our latest achievements (also nicely described by one of our players) a bit:

  • Complete introduction of siege engines in battles over nation-controlled castles;
  • Flaming projectiles for catapults!
  • Guilds heraldic displayed on shields;
  • Addition of a new epic raid, and a 5v5 dungeon with hippos;
  • New weekly rankings – more stuff to compete in.

For this occasion, we have something big for the Reddit gamers: 1.000 Steam keys for a giveaway! How to get a key? Simply enter the link below, type in your email and redeem your Gloria Victis Steam key. The giveaway will last for 24 hours from now. After this time, the unused (not activated on Steam) keys will be revoked to prevent reselling them. Good luck!


6ego5j - Gloria Victis - 1.000 Steam keys giveaway to celebrate our latest updates!

What is Gloria Victis?

A low fantasy medieval MMORPG set in an open world. Main features:

Non-target combat – with directional attacks and blocks, it makes your own skill matter much more than your equipment or level of your toon. Yeah, we love MnB/Chivalry/War of the Roses 🙂

Territory control – conquer lands, siege non-instanced towns and castles and build advantageous fortifications in the everlasting conflict of the realms

Innovative partial loot system – defeat your enemies and take your reward by selecting which specific items you will loot – but hurry, the clock is ticking!

Player-driven economy – Look for the best resources and materials out in the world, and capture resource nodes. Use workstations to craft high-quality items, and cooperate with others to increase your efficiency and achieve mastery in one of 8 different realistic crafts. Plant your own seeds, tend your crops, and keep them safe from pillaging enemies. The economy is in your hands – swords don’t drop from wolves, they are forged by blacksmiths. 😛


Freedom – Explore the vast world and face various challenges – go solo and complete quests, or group up and take part in massive PVE events including open world dungeons! Or, gather materials and focus on crafting and trading. Or, leave it all behind and unleash your warrior spirit in huge PVP battles. The choice is yours!

Official trailer:

Who we are:

A small independent team of 15 freaks who love Mount & Blade and have always dreamed about a medieval MMORPG without omnipresent magic and steel bikini as a top-tier plate armor. Sadly there was none out there in the market, so… we just made it on our own.

We have no investor or publisher, we started the project with no budget, working on the game remotely and “after hours”, having daily jobs. Thanks to the support of our awesome Community, we made it to the Steam Early Access, finally established an office and, in the end, doubled the team’s size.

We release an update every week, or even more often – we made the first 50 updates within just 9 months (and 3x more smaller hotfixes). We talk to our Community daily in our official Discord and we’re super happy to be able to work on our dream game and see the pop growing in numbers. We're all open to hear your feedback – simply press ESC in-game and select the "Send feedback option" to share your insight with us. After all, it's a project created by gamers, with gamers and for gamers. Thank you in advance!

TLDR: we’re a kind of living proof that you don’t need cash to start and succeed when you have passion. See you in battle!

P.S. We run a devblog talking about our experience of working on such a crazy project. Hence the name: "100 Days Against All Odds Challenge". Have fun reading!

Day #1

Day #2

Day #3

Day #4

Day #5

Day #6

Day #7

Day #8

Day #9

Day #10

Day #11

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