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Gloria Victis North American Server Action Report 10!

Gamingtodaynews1g - Gloria Victis North American Server Action Report 10!

Hey guys, it has been a while since I've done one of these, and due to popular demand, this one will have pictures (that don't necessarily go with the post, just a fun album!

So, what's been going on in GV the last few weeks? Well. More updates which have changed the game significantly. The first one is guild changes. (this might not be the most exciting thing you've ever read, but if you're into guild management you might enjoy it).

It used to be that you could have a guild of any number of people, and my guild, Ulframmir topped out somewhere around 400. Now the population is capped depending on your guild level. My guild was level 6, which would have put me at a 140 player roster, but I had to kick about 250 from the guild just to meet the requirement. This hurt my soul to do. I love my guildies and I didn't want to kick anyone, but the truth was, we had a lot of inactives. So I started there. That was easy. Kick the inactive lowbies. Kick the vets who haven't been on in a long time. Kick low performing players. When it got hard and we had to make real decisions about whether or not to remove inactive players who had donated a lot of points to the guild, I sort of wussed out and let my officers decide, lol. So anyway, by the end of all of that, we ended up being level 5 and trimmed down to our most active players, and we had a couple recruitment spots open. When players leave a guild or are kicked, all the points they donated to the guild vanish. The player does not get them back and the guild does not keep them. This is why it REALLY hurts to remove old inactives who contributed a lot for your guild. Its another reason why its important to keep your guildies happy.

I had been adamant that I was not going break up my guild for this new system, and I think that we came through it pretty well. We also started up a new guild called Ulfdreng (Young Wolf Warriors) as a sort of starter guild for Ulframmir (Wolf Strength). I don't particularly care to run two guilds, but I really have to now. As all MMO players know, inactive guilds who are not recruiting are guilds that are dying. So. In order not to die…

Anyway, all that aside, all the top guilds went through something similar to meet the population caps, including our arch-nemesis, the Midlandic guild, LEGION. They have put together what looks to be a very strong and cohesive alliance with their sub guilds. I'm not jealous, and I wouldn't join them if I was paid a million real life dollars, but their organization is the reason they thrive. You can see it when you fight them, that they are all in comms and listening to directions.

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So the devs also put in an alliance system recently. We tried allying with some of the smaller guilds on our server but so far they have been flaky, disorganized, and too small and low level to make a difference. We were allied with Knights of the Apocalypse, but there was a shitload of stupid drama involving free guild castles given to them by LEGION and a lot of hate in chat about Ulframmir coming from their guys. Anyway, they all quit and went to play Life Is Feudal (lol!)

There is a LOT of infighting on the Ismir side in our nation chat. It is exhausting to read lol. Right now we have this one guy who, I swear, is just around to be an agitator, and his little merry band of shit slingers. Then we have a traitor plaguing the whole game, which is a whole different annoying situation. Ironically he doesn't go traitor, he makes OTHER people go traitor so they get punished. I'm so over the traitor system in this game lol.

Midlanders have a lot of "forced" unity (I.E you're in LEGION or one of their sub guilds or you are harassed until you either submit or nation change). Ismirs have a bunch of independent clans that all want to do their own thing. It makes it very hard for us to come together as a nation to get things done. There is arguing about stuff like whose comms we're all going to join and what guild is actually contributing to the map etc. Then we have a bunch of randoms in nation chat trying to shot call. It's terrible, honestly, and there is always the post battle blame game… There was a time when we had unity and were doing VERY well. But now we are a fractured and loud bunch.

The other thing that happened is that there were balance changes to combat. Weapons swing much faster and there is a clearer "wind up" for swings, which people tend to like, there were some new animations added that I think look good, archer rate of fire was nerfed slightly (a good change) and now 2h Lordly haven halberds are the new meta which I GREATLY dislike as a tank who finds it very hard to tank now… I also think it just looks farily stupid to have a whole army swinging halberds and the strategy being CLEAVE CLEAVE CLEAVE! Anyway. There were metas in the past and there will be other metas in the future. This is just the current hot shit.

In terms of game population, Ismirs are on the upswing finally. Actually some very high performing Midlanders switched sides to join us, so that has been interesting and fun. They started a guild which we allied with and we finally have some teamwork going. We are doing better staying together and playing more tactically. We still have a long way to go.

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One of the problems we have on Ismir side is that we don't have access to events and resources like the mids do, because of their population and the amount of territory they control. It is honestly easier for us to roll mid alts and farm their stuff than try to take it and keep it for ourselves. As a result, we are usually outgeared and comparatively poorer than the Mids who have all 7 guild castles and at least 50% of the map to roam. They have stockpiles that we cannot match. Meanwhile we are cramped up in the northwest corner of the map trying to stop the Sangmars from coming up our coast literally all day every day. So the Mids are also not engaged in combat as often as we are (sangs don't really engage them because they know they will lose so they come fight us instead), and the Mids can ROLL when they do put together a warband.

There is a new Sangmar guild called MeN that loves to start fights with us and then run to the coasts and swim like fu*king mermaids when the battle isn't going their way. I have taken to calling them the MerMeN. The cowardice is unreal.

Life remains difficult as an Ismir. We have the ever growing Midlandic hordes to our east and the emboldened Sangmar to our south, but I will fight in the mud and in the gatehouses against the Midlanders and Sangmars until the bitter end.

Also, there should be a game update today that introduces the Guild Recruitment message board, so I'm looking forward to that!

See you scrubs on the battlefield, whether it's shoulder to shoulder or blade to blade.

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