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Gloria Victis North American Server Action Report Reborn!

Gamingtodaynews1b - Gloria Victis North American Server Action Report Reborn!

Alright guys, I'm back! Some of you might remember that a few months ago I was doing weekly-ish updates on the political state of the NA server on Gloria Victis. I haven't done one in a while, so let's do it.

The game itself has changed drastically lately due to the introduction of siege weapons. We have catapults with stone and flaming projectiles, battering rams, and large battering rams. We are gonna have trebuchets and horses really soon.

Here's some fancy fireworks of some sneaky Sangmar sieging from the woods just outside of Hordun Temple, a location we Ismirs try hard to keep under our control. These pics are from about 30 mins ago lol.

G72Fcnu - Gloria Victis North American Server Action Report Reborn!

Edit: I have been notified the Sangs siege was unsuccessful. Defense! Defense!

Earlier in the day, we had a State of War attack on Lublin fort and Skergard Castle on the EU server. Some of us NA folk went over to help because we like it when they come help us in return. We took Lublin without resistance, but we got to Skergard and found about 80 Midlanders piled up on the second floor of the keep. That was too much of a meatgrinder for us, and we didn't really want to push up there.

Every single person you see there is an actual player in our party. Performance is pretty amazing considering it was 80 of us vs whatever they had (Probably about the same) inside of one building.

Anyway, that SoW was on EU, and I came here to talk about NA, so!

Well, I had a guild called Ulframmir, but it collapsed a few months ago due to a lot of things sort of happening at the same time. I took a break from the game for about a month, another large guild called Aesir formed and most of our guys went there, so now I am running with a guild called Valheimr, which is mostly newer players who are really eager to fight. There has been some guild tension between Valheimr and Aesir, but we are chill and working together more than ever now. Valheimr has a lot of manpower and needs a lot of training, but it strains Aesir a bit to have to shoulder the load sometimes. We could use some more strong guilds, Ismir side, for sure.


Sangmar's population varies pretty wildy, but they just got a new black and gold national flag, and honestly, I think it helped lol. They are pushing us pretty hard at Hordun daily now. They have cycled through several large guilds pretty quickly, most recently Myrmidions. Now they are gone and we're seeing Centurions. Who knows! I did see some old names popping up at the Hordun siege tonight, so maybe some of their vets are coming back.

Midlanders continue to be the big force on the server and they tend to hold the most territory. LEGION still rolling strong over there with a strong vet core, keeping Midlanders more or less united, as far as I can tell.

The devs put in some weekly nationwide rankings two weeks ago, and the new glory season just started too, so people are climbing the ladders for everything from golden pickaxes to titles to gold. It seems to have gotten people within our nation to playfully contest one another.

Oh, also, we got a poker dice game recently and there are some people who literally play Yahtzee all day in the inns for gold. lol not my jam, but you do you. That has also upped the "immersion" factor for some people. It is pretty fun to play a round or two.

Here is the new snow we got in Ismir territory.

Doin' a little group farming.

Here are tons of pics of other fairly random things, enjoy!

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