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God of War is a game with a story that I haven’t seen for many years

Gamingtodaynews1e - God of War is a game with a story that I haven't seen for many years

WOW, I brought God of War two days ago and I am speechless. I'm usually don't trust reviews and people's opinion and awards and all the stuff around when it comes to deliver a good game, but DAMN, Santa Monica you nailed it.

The topic I want to talk about is the story, which tells the journey of Kratos and his son Atreus. After the death of Faye( Kratos' second wife and Atreus' mother), her last wish was for her ashes to be spread at the highest peak of the nine realms.

This is pretty much the main objective that we're after but it's not the game's objective. His main objective is to show us a strange relationship between a father and his son, not something we're usually see. Knowing your son calling you "Sir" or your father is calling you "boy" rather then "son" is something frightening from a perspective of family relationships. A place where your father is a god (futhermore, a god of war?) and that he is not contacting with you any type of relationships is dramatically unusual, which is what makes the game soooo good and enjoyable and furthermore you wander "How will it be later?". And you really see it changeing.

For me, what made me fall in love about the story even more then the relationship of Kratos and Arteus, his seeing Kratos struggling with himself and everything bad people doing to hurt his son and his life. Because all Kratos tried to do was giving Atreus a normal life rather then he had. Not killing your father or giants (from the previous games), or being coursed is something Kratos tried to give Atreus.


Evenmore, seeing Kratos behave so cold, feels like he doesn't care from anyone, don't give a shit, he isn't laughing, crying, talking, sharing his feelings. none of this we're not seeing and he is still the character I loved the most. Maybe because he is so smart and intelligence? Or maybe because he know when to say the right words? And from his face and voice you understand he went through so much, he has so much knowledge, so much to learn from him. Kratos behave reflected not only about himself but also about his son. We see he does not manage conversations with him neither hugging him or something relate to father-son relationship, and still he cares about him so much that I wished I had a father like Kratos. he teaching him so much, punishing him when it's right, not yelling at him like crazy, and he understand it very well. And when an enemy (let's take as an example, Baldur) every time he tried to hurt Arteus, Kratos just kicked the shit out of him. when they jumped from high points or fell down, Kratos immeditly grabbing Arteus and protected him from the fall so if someone will take damage it won't hurt him.

As an end, God of War deliver a story-telling you are not seeing often in games. They are mostly invested at the beginning and then they are becoming repetitive and boring. GOW is something else, every moment is invested very well, feels original and fun and as I see it right now, I don't have any game to play like gow's story. Maybe The Last of Us II will make me feel the same, but until then, I am gonna get bored from boring and repetitve story games or multiplayer. Kratos I love you so much!

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