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Goodbye Volcano High and Cancel culture

Gamingtodaynews1f - Goodbye Volcano High and Cancel culture

>Make game with very specific demographic in mind

>Developers undoubtedly knew the type of backlash and shitstorm it would cause, considering the majority of people are against this type of media and are very vocal about it

>Persevere regardless, working for what they love and believe in, in hopes of making something at least a niche crowd would adhere to

>2 years later

>Big day of reveal has come, on the big stage of the PS5 live-stream

>Shitstorm ensues as was expected, video gets massive dislike ratio

>People start combing through developers history to find something to be outraged about

>Find an atricle the lead writer did where she mocks awful Harry Potter SFM porn posting a picture of Hermione getting fucked on Kotaku

>None of these people know what actual CP, how horrifying and disgusting it is like compared to this laughably shitty SFM porn.

>Throw a tantrum, claiming she is a pedophile and deserves the guillotine

>LGBTQ collectively withdraw their support over FUCKING NOTHING

>Game is now universally hated by everyone

>Developers are left with nothing but despair

For more information refer to: and you can find the original article if you look for it, i won't link it here in hopes this doesn't get taken down and we can have a discussion about it. However i assure you it is nothing

I do not care for this game, i grew out of high school dramas some years ago and can no longer tolerate it so it is not for me. HOWEVER, i feel sorry for these developers


How the fuck do you win with these people ? is it even possible ? No matter how much you cater to them, how much you break your back working on something they might adhere to, they will always find something to complain and be outraged about

They do not want to celebrate their culture, to progress and for people to accept them. They want to be angry, point fingers and dying to be victimized/oppressed for social justice points.

These are sad, broken human beings with no direction, only having hate and an inferiority complex in them

They are NEVER and will NEVER be fucking satisfied until everything is destroyed. Apologizing is futile, it only adds fuel to the fire and proves they are right.

Cancel culture was a mistake. SJWs were a mistake. Anyone who caters to these people is making a mistake.

inb4 people call me a bigot for hating sjw's, i have no quarrels with LGBTQ or furries, i do not care what people choose to identify as. I simply hate the people that take it to the extremes and try to

I understand that there is no place on the internet to have a rational discussion about these kinds of topics without being censored but i want to try it here, i even tried 4chan but they just want to hate on the game because "trannies, gays and furries are disgusting".

I will take the ban if i must, but i am seething and need to get this off my chest. Please do call me out on anything you think is incorrect or over-the-top. I am not afraid of being wrong

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    Jun 18, 2020 4:20 pm

    So they got what they knew was coming. Sorry, but it’s their own stupid fault, this isn’t a PS5 launch title, it’s a Steam game for like 5,99 where this niche group can find it. They did this to themselves when they release such a game on a game console like PS5 in a big live launch line up event.

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