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Gotham Knights and character variation

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While I find Gotham Knights to be a compelling concept, I think there are much more interesting avenue Warner Bros (WB) can take in the DC universe. I'll admit, the Batman Arkham games didn't really look deeply into the Batfamily as much as I would like to, which is the only reason why I'm okay with the game as it has the potential to delve into the characters' interaction with one another. I mean, through 5 Batman Arkham games (I'm counting the DS game too), we never find out about the kindhearted Nightwing's relationship to Redhood or the dutiful (Tim Drake) Robin's relationship to Catwoman. There's a goldmine of interesting interactions that Gotham Knights can tap into to give us some great interactions.

Another benefit towards Gotham Knights is that it seems to continue to go through Batman Arkham Knight's ending where Batman dies. Now, I think we can all count on Batman coming back sooner or later, even possibly in Gotham Knights itself. But having atleast a majority of a game go without Batman and explore a world without him is a very interesting and compelling concept and one that ultimately respects Arkham Knight's ending. In other words, as much as I would like to, I don't think having a Justice League game right now is the best idea as it would have to bring back Batman too quickly.


That said, these interactions can still be examined through a different type of game, I think a Teen Titans or Young Justice (essentially any B-team Justice League) game can explore all the concepts that Gotham Knights can explore and then some, putting Nightwing in a situation where he has to lead a team in addition to providing the player with a variety of gameplay styles to choose from. This seems to be something that the current Gotham Knights developers seem to be exploring as they gave Robin the ability to teleport using the Justice League's Watchtower (as seen in the Official Gameplay Walkthrough) in order to add variety to the cast of characters. I think this decision will actually take away from the character's unique attributes in order to force on them more fantastical gimmicks for the sake of variety. If we had a wider cast of characters with more interesting abilities, the Batfamily can keep their attributes while keeping their consistent character traits: Nightwing can be the most acrobatic, Batgirl the most technically-minded, Red Hood the most brutal, Alfred the most powerful, and so and so.

It could also keep the Justice League's existence a mystery for them to form in a later game.

I just think we're missing a lot of great and interesting gameplay mechanics by missing out on all the non-bat-associated heroes and on taking away the Batfamily member's unique attributes for more gimmicky techniques.

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