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GRIS – Review Thread

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Game Information

Game Title: GRIS

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch


Developers: Nomada Studio

Publishers: Devolver Digital

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 85


Areajugones – Víctor Rodríguez – Spanish9.5 / 10.0

GRIS is a true piece of art because it isn't only beautiful, but also meaningful. A game with excepcional design that, despite some minor flaws, will definitely get to your heart and make you feel. This is the closest to poetry that any videogame has ever come!

CDavis_Games – Chris Davis –

GRIS is relaxing and visually stunning. It's like a watercolor painting come to life. Much like any piece of art, what you make of it is going to be intensely personal, however if you enjoyed the experience of games like Flower and Journey, you should probably play GRIS. My three hours with the game flew by and I felt reinvigorated at the end, as if I'd just awoken from a good night's sleep (or so I imagine).

CGMagazine – Zubi Khan – 9 / 10.0

Gris is a game about loss wrapped up in one, truly stunning package that should be experienced by everyone.

COGconnected – Jason Fanelli – 90 / 100

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Destructoid – Chris Moyse – 10 / 10.0

With GRIS, Nomada has created an abstract adventure, as beguiling as it is haunting. By focusing on its courageous protagonist, and creating a bewitching but frightening world for her to overcome, GRIS succeeds with its short but unforgettable odyssey. Awash with meticulous detail, charming aesthetics, and smart design, GRIS is something special. Take the trip.

Digital Chumps – Eric Layman – 9 / 10.0

Gris is watercolor wonderland fashioned to explore and confront elements of despair and anguish. Its communication through sound and motion paints visually arresting moments and creates intimately powerful movements. Concealed inside all of this is clever and versatile platformer, an asset Gris is confident to hold as collateral for the sake of its delicate heart.

Digitally Downloaded – Matt C. – 5 / 5 stars

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Easy Allies – Bradley Ellis –

Gris is a soothing and emotional journey that takes you through a tranquil, colorful, and creative world.

EGM – Josh Harmon – 8 / 10.0

With an arresting art style and admirable commitment to minimalist game design, Gris manages to turn a straightforward, often derivative platformer into something that feels far more special and important.

Eurogamer – Vikki Blake – Recommended

An artful puzzle platformer that'll stay with you long after its short running time.

Expansive – Ray Willmott – undefined

Gris is a wonderful, mystifying, and everlastingly beautiful end to an unforgettable year of video gaming.

Game Informer – Matthew Kato – 8.3 / 10.0

Offers a well-crafted invitation for exploration on multiple levels, though Gris is neither a walk in the park nor a brain-wringing title

Gameblog – Thomas Pillon – French9 / 10

With its first game, the newborn Nomada Studio hit the sky. With its striking evocative force, GRIS not only pleases the eyes, thanks to Conrad Roset's beautiful art style, but speaks to all of our senses. Revealing its numerous tricks one by one, the game succeed in delivering both splendid an complex visuals without ever getting frustrating. Worn by a sumptuous soundtrack which tells the story as much as the background, GRIS is nothing but a true masterpiece.

GameGrin – Alan Wen – 8 / 10.0

In its 3-4 hour playtime, GRIS won't change the way you think about platformers, but with such a beautiful hand-painted art style and haunting score, it's an exquisite mini masterpiece that heals the soul.

Gamer Escape – FireMarth – 10 / 10

From the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to the engrossing aesthetic design, combined with solid gameplay that does its part in showing off the world while also not being a slouch itself, Gris is far and away one of the best experiences in gaming I’ve had this year.

GameSpace – William Murphy – 9.5 / 10.0

Gris is not only beautiful, but it's also the perfect platformer for anyone who likes a challenge to be about more than reflexes or enemy slaughter. It's a thinking game, that also happens to have really good platforming at its core. It's neither too long nor too short, and worth every penny to experience the year's most beautiful visuals.

GameSpew – Kim Snaith – 8 / 10.0

Quote not yet available

GameSpot – Tom Mc Shea – 9 / 10

Gris is a beautiful and tranquil platformer that relishes in the simple pleasure of exploring its enchanting world.

God is a Geek – Chris Hyde – 6.5 / 10.0

As an audio and visual package, Gris is stunning. However some missteps in gameplay prevent it from being something special.

Hobby Consolas – José L. Ortega – Spanish90 / 100

GRIS is an evocative experience and from now on, an completely must have. It's an essential video game like titles such Journey or Limbo. It shows that videogames are art through audiovisual elements, as a spectacular artistic environment or a perfect game design. This game make us feel indescribable feelings.

MonsterVine – Samantha Lienhard – 4 / 5

Gris is a relaxing, artistic experience that emphasizes its atmosphere over its gameplay. While it only lasts a few hours, fans of surreal worlds and symbolic storytelling should find it to be an enjoyable journey.

New Game Network – Alex Varankou – 80 / 100

GRIS is an enjoyable platforming adventure that lets you casually explore a mysterious world, alongside some wonderful visuals and music.


Noisy Pixel – Brad Crespo – 9/10

GRIS is a game that needs to be experienced firsthand for it to be truly be understood, as it emotionally touches anyone that experiences it. It’s a wondrous, elegant, and breathtaking piece of art that’s beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The way it paints a better picture on overcoming depression is simply beautiful, and you’re bound to be affected by Gris’ personal journey. The hours you spend completing GRIS will undoubtedly create beautiful memories that’ll last for years. With its brilliant and touching art direction, it’s easy for me to say that GRIS is the most evocative and calming title of 2018.

Nintendo Life – Chris Scullion – 9 / 10

We're very careful when we use this word, but Gris is a masterpiece. Its jaw-dropping visual style and heart-wrenching score combine for one of the most emotional pieces of interactive art you'll ever play. It may be too short for some, its puzzles may be on the simple side and the lack of any real challenge may not be to everyone's taste, but this is a game focused more on fragility than ability and as long as you're willing to go along for the ride, it's one that will stick with you for a very long time indeed.

Nintendojo – Andy Hoover – undefined

Personally, I found GRIS to be a worthwhile experience but I can also fully understand those who won’t see the appeal.

NintendoWorldReport – Jordan Rudek – 10 / 10.0

GRIS is a powerful and exceedingly worthwhile title that deserves to be played by everyone in total immersion. Set aside a few hours, turn off the lights, put on your headphones. And then lose yourself in this world.

OnlySP – Rhain Radford-Burns – 5 / 5 stars

GRIS is a powerful insight into the human spirit of a young girl suffering with grief. As she comes to terms with each of her emotional states, and as the levels progress to accompany these stages, the player is granted a profound look into the true emotions of Gris's character. Nomada Studio has blended simplistic, intuitive gameplay with a breathtaking artistic vision and remarkable music and sound design to create an unforgettable experience. GRIS easily stands among the best independent gems of the medium, presenting a narrative experience unlike any other. Gamers are doing themselves a disservice by not playing this game—GRIS is unmissable.

Polygon – Charlie Hall – No Verdict

Gris will only take you a handful of hours to play from start to finish, but I can’t recommend it strongly enough. I only wish the experience lasted longer.

Pure Nintendo – Kirk Hiner – 9 / 10.0

I said earlier that not everyone will want to play Gris. That's fair. But if you do, and if you're able to connect with its themes, I think you'll find it's a game well worth experiencing. Even if you don't connect with it emotionally, the creative and gorgeous visuals combined with the haunting music should be more than enough to carry you through. I'd suggest playing it in docked mode to fully take in the artwork, but the music and audio effects are better experienced with headphones. Either way, give Gris a try. You'll be happy you were with her.

Reloading BR – Felipe Mesquita – Portuguese8.2 / 10.0

GRIS will hardly demand quick reflexes or make you scratch your head thinking about the solutions to it's puzzle platforming. It's a short game (about three, four hours), that's fun to control and simple and very accessible in terms of gameplay, that possibly will leave a little to be desired in terms depth for those seeking greater challenges. But I think above all this, it is a moving experience thanks to its artistic and narrative combinations. I loved my hours interacting, listening and watching the beautiful journey of Gris.

Shacknews – Brittany Vincent – 7 / 10

Quote not yet available

TechRaptor – Robert N. Adams – 9 / 10.0

GRIS features outstanding graphics, beautiful cinematics, and whimsical music. While it lacks in gameplay and replayability, it handily makes up for it in its presentation.

The Digital Fix – Jason Coles – 9 / 10.0

Gris is an immensely important game, one that is another shining example of how much can be done with the medium. The visuals and the sound design are both complemented perfectly by the intense story and serve to create an incredible experience. Gris is a must play and shouldn't be missed for any reason.

The Games Machine – Daniele Dolce – Italian9.5 / 10.0

GRIS is an outstanding work of pure art lended to the world of video games. Its gameplay, however simple, is but a vessel for a strong and emotional message carried out by an exceptional visual and sound direction. The first title of Nomada Studio is moving, delicate and elegant: a real gem in the landscape of independent video games.

TheSixthAxis – Stefan L – 8 / 10

GRIS is a wonderful artistic achievement, with a simply sublime visual style and soundtrack that grows and evolves through the course of an emotional story.

Twinfinite – Zhiqing Wan – 4 / 5.0

As a one-off experience or one-time playthrough, GRIS is certainly one of the most artistic and provocative experiences I've seen in video games. While I would've liked to see a more fleshed out world, with meaningful collectibles and more puzzles to solve, GRIS is still worth a look for anyone who has an interest in platformers or silent stories.

USgamer – Hirun Cryer – 3 / 5 stars

A week or so removed from playing Gris, I don't know what I'll remember it for, if at all. Gris feels like it almost belongs in a museum, with crowds marvelling at its art and sound for a few minutes, before moving on to something else. There's moments of beautiful brilliance in Gris, all of which is dragged down by a decidedly average platforming game.

VideoGamer – Colm Ahern – 6 / 10

Gris plays to your aural and optical senses by delivering something exquisite in that area, but lacks a compelling story to prop itself up alongside equivalents.

Wccftech – Rosh Kelly – 9 / 10.0

Gris is breathtakingly beautiful and demonstrates how artistically inspiring games can be. With its simple gameplay and incredible soundtrack, it is a game that could and should be enjoyed by everyone.

We Got This Covered – David Morgan – 5 / 5 stars

GRIS is not only a perfectly designed puzzle-platformer, it's a title that whisks the player away on a journey of colorful catharsis. Surprises are waiting around every corner of this ever-evolving world, and its stride remains strong, from the onset until the very end.

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