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GTA 3 was better than cyberpunk…

Gamingtodaynews1f - GTA 3 was better than cyberpunk...

I am a big lover of an open world games especially ROCKSTAR GAMES i've dabbled in Skyrim and fallout games but this game…. is something else.

I made a pros and cons below with no spoilers, I played the nomad path.

skip to bottom with TLDR: and comment ur opinions!!


-introducing us to Night city.

The first half was awesome then they cut to "2 years later" ffs Let me and the character explore the city why the fuck have they said 2 years later why ?? Remember GTA IV Niko fresh off the boat, we as the character haven't seen the city. During the game we slowly explore made up New York understanding how gun shops work and pay n spay work and much more everything is taught and your learn its perfect same with San Andreas. You and your character explore the city and understand how things work.

– looting

Fall out 4 / red dead 2 did it perfect the in game loot was simply explained and all items did something , actually had a use towards building something or selling in cyberpunk I am just picking up junk and not feeling like any progress is happening. yes I sell it and make money but ive become a hoover. Red dead 2 loot was actually useful rare items and collectables. cyberpunk I am just picking things up and selling. For Example Picked up so much food from all the missons I had to sell it what was the point.

-AI movement

so shit another GTA reference sorry but I remember going into Tonys night club in ballad of gay Tony and that club was awesome music and dancing everyone looked natural. Say I pulled out a gun. They would react like i've pulled out a gun and not just stand confused and crouched. if I shot police would come or the bouncers would.

The AI car drivers Drives like ps1 car game. Even worse Hand break feels just like a normal break. I can't jump out the car moving holding (B) guess they didn't make that a feature in the 9 years of development. The AI driversin GTA 3 had better intelligence, they can adapt to situations that game is decades old..

The police what's the point, drive down the road there just standing on corner arms crossed, like at least look like ur doing something, a eat donut ffs. why is everyone so stiff act natural its gotten to the point were they don't Chase after me, why no one cares the city such a big metropolis and no one is about. Bully ps2 had a better environment (think of the fair ground) the fucking tanks in COD world at war had better movement HOW….


– The phone/ lore

calling is ok fine. looking at text messages reading them is horrible again GTA you can use Your mobile phone while walking and driving its 2077 surly its possible. The in game internet and TV GTA IV did it better show us there's world going on around you like you guys had the chance to make a little WorldWideWeb like enough to keep the player interested and maybe even use in a mission or 2 hack someone's emails or send fake one idk if I had 9 years to decide I would of thought of something good.


In the trailers I was loving the music kinda blown away NGL the soundtrack in this cyberpunk is meant to be amazing as a BIG fan of NEW wave music , kavinsky and Synth pop its really lacking it in the clubs and even during the mission's like low Synth music would be sick in the background. Radios feel super basics. again a gta reference but gta London on ps1 had a better radio station with hosts and banta. clubs should be blazing the tunes, they had a chance to do something special with that (think of that one max Payne mission in the club the music was on point)

Finally thanks for making it this far I would add an honour system simple yet effective do good You get certain side mission do bad it could effect relations with certain characters.


-colours look great on my xbox 1 at night in the neon city looks cool, The characters have a decent personality about them I like kinda care for them a bit maybe cause I am lonely in real life… The cheesy adverts and locations that are kinda dystopian I like Jonny silver hands.

There's probably more cons and more pros. I am just in a love hate relationship with this one. how has IGN given this a 9/10 is crazy but Its better than the new watchdogs, its better than sleeping dogs its better than some of the assassins creeds and some saints rows. Its no were near what Rockstar games are doing!

TLDR: GTA 3 physics movement Ai intelligence story Development and overall scripting was better just remaster GTA 3 better graphics and sounds done.

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