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Hey people,

Unfortunately the game didn't gather as much attention as we would've hoped but we hope everyone still had fun trying to decipher the puzzles! Congratulations to
Timberjaw - Guess the Game solution/u/Timberjaw for getting the final answer! For posterity and for those of you who were curious, I'll post the full solution below:

Part 1: The image
The deep fried image of Pepsiman is a corrupted image. Opening the image in Notepad, we can see the following at the top of the file:


The addition here is "OTP A5DJ29". An OTP is a one time pad encryption, with A5DJ29 being the key. Good job on the people who had made it this far!

Part 2: The ciphers
Perhaps I made this too hard but the solution is relatively simple (in my head). In my original post, I dumped a bunch of random codes. These codes are encrypted with a one time pad encryption with the above mentioned key. In order to decipher these, you can use any website, for example:

. What caught everybody off in the original thread was most websites don't decrypt numbers by default. You need to add numbers to the "Alphabet" (i.e. `ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789`).

Decrypting the codes gets you the following:












Part 3: The threads


Each of the codes above link to a reddit thread in this sub. By putting the key in the title ( it leads to truegaming threads. In each thread, there are comments from me with a hidden Hex colour code.












Part 4: Narrowing down the colours

This part, as pointed out to me, had the potential to be really confusing. So apologies if this really stumped you. The idea here was to figure out which colours are relevant. In the original post announcing this challenge, I left clues to the relevant colours in the text.

2020 has really been a noteworthy year hasn’t it? Starting with a potential nuclear war between the USA and Iran, to Coronavirus locking us in our homes for 9 straight months, it has been grueling. But if you thought that was bad, imagine being Theudemeres right before being executed by the Romans during their invasion of Gaul! Am I right? Haha… ha…

The clues here were "2020 is noteworthy" and an odd, out of place reference to Theudemeres being executed. Theudemeres was executed in 422.

The first two hex colours listed above are #CE422B and #1E2020.

Part 5: Figuring out the game

This last part is simply finding out which game corresponds to these colours. In this case the colours are used by the exact logo of Rust!

And that's it! We hope everyone enjoyed a little mystery. Stay safe!

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