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Guilds of Gods – Multi-Character Casual MMO (Chrome & Firefox) (Early Alpha)

Gamingtodaynews1e - Guilds of Gods - Multi-Character Casual MMO (Chrome & Firefox) (Early Alpha)


Guilds of is an MMO I've been working on non-stop since May. I designed the engine, client and server to use native WebGL2 rendering to provide as many people as possible access to the game with no downloads. On Monday, we moved into Alpha, which is the beginning of the game state. From here, bugfixes and 2 years of future planned content will continue to roll out into Beta, where I will release to Android devices and Steam. If you want to stay up to date with the game for info and discussions, check out GuildsOfGods.

Game Description

Guilds of Gods is a multi-character MMO which allows you to delegate tasks to your adventurers. Each character has their own stats, inventory, and equipment, but all share one storage space. You are the God, and the Guilds you belong to will phase in during Alpha development. Your adventurers will belong to one or many Guilds, each of which give their own special perks and content. You must earn your way into each Guild, either through a special task, or a minimum skill level.

Casual play can be accessed through the construction skill, allowing your adventurers to setup camps to automate resource collection, and train skills. These camps expire after x amount of uses, depending on your Construction level. The construction skill is available to all for level 1 content, but requires a building permit to build better structures in the land of Guilds of Gods. Permits are tradeable, and will be the only premium content to ever exist. All items and areas will continue to be available to all players.

There are 10 combat skills and 11 non-combat skills available to train. The 11th (thieving) was just added last night. Updates are constant.


The core of the game takes inspiration from Runescape Classic, but the stories and content will continue to form the game into a whole new adventure.

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The Alpha Release

GoG has transitioned into Alpha last Monday, where all test accounts have been cleared and everyone starts from a fresh slate. This was, and will be the only account reset for GoG. Additionally, all accounts created are backed up daily, and activity logs of all items and XP earned is recorded.

Future Changes

  • Rendering Engine will be redone later in alpha to make the UI nicer, gameplay smoother, text more precise, better zooming options…
  • A long list of bugfixes
  • An autofill for usernames and passwords such as Dashlane.
  • Add a skill menu so you know what you unlock when. For now, talk to current players for info or visit the wiki.

Future Content

  • Highscores table
  • Map upgrade from 100×100 to 1000×1000.
  • 8+ More guilds/cities
  • Bosses and end-game content
  • Content for all skills from level 40-100
  • Dungeons. The further you go, the greater the loot, are your adventures strong enough?
  • Further PvP expansions
  • Skill updates for magic, fishing, thieving, alchemy, firemaking

Let me know what you think, and please understand that the game is not perfect yet, but I'm working hard to fix everything I can.

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