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GW2 I’m completely lost need halp

Gamingtodaynews1e - GW2 I'm completely lost need halp

Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can change my mind about this because I really want to give it another try

I hear a lot of praise about its combat system but I only have like 5 abilities (not counting the longer cd utility ones
Yes I can change and swap weapons for different combos, I've already tried all combinations as well as tried finding a style by switching weapons mid-combat

It's been a while since the last time I played but I should of ran into more options already right?
There's combo'ing your abilities for different affects but unless I google it theres no way to find out what does what with each other

I also seem to run into energy problems, ppl jst say to learn to manage your energy but doesn't that just boil down to saying to only use the low-cost abilities with the occasional high cost so that you don't run out
In the end don't you just end up standing around for a while with few combat options until the mob dies?
Did the word "simple" get replaced with "amazing" overnight without my knowing?

Unfortunately, the crafting was very disappointing :/
It's not a big deal now that I've started playing Runescape quite a bit
long story short, your only allowed 3 life skills at once, which is fine I'll just put it into weapons, armor and something fun right?..


Nope. Guns, bow, dagger, swords etc (its been a while but you get what I'm saying).. each will use up a SINGULAR life skill point, and thats just the weapon side of crafting.
Armors are broken down to the different materials, also 1 life skill each… seriously?

I can already see it "Oh but theres so many things to craft, it's only right it that it should be broken down"
Sure there's a lot to craft, but it's fairly obvious that only certain gear sets are the ones worth crafting
Unless I can sell the low lvl crappy gear in the market, but whos going to buy it?

And I never got an intro to it, so it's nonexistent until you want to craft endgame gear
So many options and only certain ones worth crafting

I keep wanting to play this game because I love the art and actually enjoy exploring its world (also, I hear it's as close as you can get to non-pay to win)
Please tell me I missed something in the combat aspect
I've started over and lvl'ed for a good few hours 3 different times, in hopes of finding something I missed and didn't click on to get a new skill or ability, but alas I still only have 5 or so abilities in my hotbar that can only be changed if I change weapon types

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