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Happy coming out day!

Gamingtodaynews1b - Happy coming out day!

Hello Community,

In the past when we tried to address these types of discussions in the context of MMORPGs it has gone less than ideal, that’s why I personally keep this topic off pinned posts.

But 2020 is a challenging year. We are asking young people not to come out during lockdown, up to 40% of all homeless youth is LGBTQ+ and harassment towards the community is up by 9% in the UK. That makes it a lot less justifiable to me personally to keep it to myself.

MMOs have always been about community, a place where we aren’t judged for being fat, neckbearded nerds and can be our authentic self and we can make friends. For many LGBTQ+ people it's a place where they can be who they are without being afraid, where we aren’t judged for whom we like and we can find people who have gone through the same.

This community can be wholesome and welcoming in a way that can even warm my cold, dead heart but recently we’ve also been seeing more hatred to people who are different and telling them they don’t have a place in these communities.

This post won’t fix that issue, this post won’t change the minds and hearts of people who don’t want us in the community. This post is for you, the person who’s thinking about coming out, waiting until after the pandemic or someone who hasn’t quite figured everything out. This is the story of how I came out at age 17 to my closest friend group while playing World of Warcraft.

One sentence backstory: Once a female friend thought I had a crush on her, and to avoid a whole bunch of awkward I told her I was gay.


I was playing World of Warcraft with my closest friends, we all lived in the same town and while we met in a bar we really became friends because we all played WoW. Just leveling some random BELFS because we picked offensive names and wanted to figure out how long we could play before Blizzard forced us to rename them. No saturday afternoon wow-session was complete without the accompanying Skype call and I don’t remember why, but that’s the moment I decided to tell them. I wouldn’t have ever dared to do this in real life. But I did know I wanted to do it once for the group as opposed to each person individually.

I was afraid, if you’ve ever come out you will remember the first time you tell people that really matter to you. My heart sank, I was on the verge of crying and I could barely get a word out. And when I told them there was an awkward silence. Ever had 10 seconds feel like an hour? Suddenly one of them said “We’ve known for a year now”

The friend I had to tell was dating one of my friends and she apparently couldn’t keep a secret. And once one friend knew all of them knew. It was a very heartwarming moment for me at the time, because they knew, and they were still my friends. They never treated me differently.

I’m one of the lucky ones, my friends, family, everyone was supportive. With some minor exceptions I have never felt like I was less than anyone else. I’ve continued to find other people like me in games and it's been great to find and connect with people like myself.

So this year for coming out day, if you’re not able to do it in real life I hope you can do it online. The road ahead isn’t always easy and without obstacles but I promise you the destination is more than worth it.

Happy coming out day,


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