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Have all MMOs turned into pure money grabs?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Have all MMOs turned into pure money grabs?

I've been away from gaming for a while. Recently I decided to dip my toes into whatever new/most fun MMOs are out there and I gotta say, I'm greatly disappointed with what I'm seeing. "Early release" aka pay us to develop games are selling "pledges" starting at $60 a pop, all the way to $10k+ . What in the fu*king hell?! Lol. You mean to tell me I should pay $60 for the shittiest of access to your Alpha test?

Back in the day people would subscribe to a game and pay a monthly fee for a beta tester or full release, now Dev studios are asking for millions of dollars up front? Does nobody see how this funding method is misaligned with any incentive to succeed as a game title? It's the same principle that makes govt. Inefficient at what it does – guarantee a worker's pay and they'll do the bare minimum for as long as it takes to milk the proverbial Cash cow.


Just about every MMO I've looked at is following this model. It's fu*king disgusting.

I have no problem paying $60 fixed price or even $20-30/mo for a full release, but the current money grab model is ridiculous and makes the gaming industry look like a bunch of scumbags.

Curious to see your opinion on this and I'd you disagree, explain why this makes sense to you.

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