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Have you been looking for a new game? I found one.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Have you been looking for a new game? I found one.

First, let me explain my background in PC games. I've been gaming since I was old enough to hold a joystick and specifically PC gaming since the early 2000's. I remember getting the original Warcraft back in the day and buying WC3 right when it came out. I played World of Warcraft for almost 15 years. I was a guild leader for a Mythic raiding guild for almost 10 years with multiple 100% parses. I've played Guild Wars, Black Desert Online, Destiny 2, Counter-Strike:GO, Peggle, Fallout 76, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV and many more AAA class titles. I have been a top 10% player in most games I've played (that show player rankings, of course).

As most people know, World of Warcraft is in a bad spot. Not just with content but with it's player base as well. Recently I hung up the towel after almost 15 years of Mythic/End-Game raiding. I don't watch much TV. I play games as a hobby. Guys in the same boat, I recently found a new hobby.

I've been playing a game called Crowfall. It is an MMORPG described as a "Throne War Simulator". You fight with your faction or guild in campaigns to dominate over other guilds and players to control outposts, forts and keeps. The team that has had the most victories in battle is deemed the victor. It has a fast action combat system mixed in with the craziest crafting system I've seen. You can craft a character, your soul (crow) can leave your body and you can start fresh with a new body that is exponentially better. If you haven't heard about it, the game is still in the test phases but it's got me hooked.

The biggest reason I love this game is because of the Player VS Player (or PVP). You can kill other players and take all the loot in their inventory (minus their weapons and armor basically). Why farm when you can just run around and kill people? I play stealth characters that can catch people off guard and kill them fast. It's so rewarding to build a character, gear him up and then watch people melt to the floor. Here's a link to my Noob Slayer PVP video:


Before you meme my ass; no I'm not getting paid to endorse anything, no I don't work for Artcraft (the games developer) and my youtube channel is TINY and will NEVER (pigs may fly with genetic engineering and bird wings) generate any money. I make videos for fun.

Another reason the game is so addictive is because of the gathering. When you gather, loot flies everywhere and you have to run around and collect it. I know this sounds dumb or arbitrary but there's seriously something physiologically addictive about it that makes it fun. Also, depending on the quality of the loot, the game makes more exciting sounds. It's almost like slots if I had to compare.

There are a ton more reasons I play this game. Do your research and check the game out for yourself! I've made a bunch of videos on youtube sharing my experiences. There are other great channels with tons of Crowfall content. I hope you check them out!

I have had a ton of fun playing the game and making videos with my friends. I defiantly think this game isn't for everyone though. Right now in it's test phases and it might not be the best time for you to try it out if you're not patient with bugs/glitches/unpolished performance. If you can look around it's imperfections, for what the game has, it's worth the purchase now for Alpha and Beta access. The games development team watch for player feedback and respond to suggestion. I am happy to help test and help. Crowfall is set to release late is 2019.

TLDR: Check it out, come play Crowfall, join our guild, let's kill some people and take their stuff!

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