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Have your gaming tastes changed through the years? If so, how?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Have your gaming tastes changed through the years? If so, how?

I am making this post as I am curious how the tastes of others may have changed over the course of their lives, as mine seem to have been doing the past few years. As a child/teen probably 80% of my gaming consisted of Single Player games (I guess in my really early gaming years MultiPlayer was not so widespread yet) and the occasional multiplayer experience. I played a good bit of CoD online (MW1, 2, BO1) and Halo 3, but that was about it. I enjoyed loads of single player experiences and remember how strongly I craved playing those types of games. For example I have several favorite PS1 RPGs that I played again and again (Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Legaia, etc.) along with numerous on 360, Dragon Age being a notable game that I dropped 100+ hours into.


Fast Forward to today, I am in my 20s and working, and at this point in my life my tastes have pretty much reversed, 80% of my gaming time now is MP games rather than SP because it is just what I am craving, I am not sure why, it just is. I have a backlog of SP games I want to get to and do still play them, but the majority of nights I sit down I much prefer to boot up a MP game with friends and play as a group. Perhaps it is the social interaction that I am craving, but I cant help but wonder how long this will last or if my tastes will ever swap again.

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