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HELP Me Choose An MmoRpg (or any game) To Make Friends/Love + Other Questions.

Gamingtodaynews1e - HELP Me Choose An MmoRpg (or any game) To Make Friends/Love + Other Questions.

Currently I am Homeless… As in I live in my car. Before saying I need to take care of that issue. I just got a job the other day and am taking steps to get my own place within the next few months. I currently spend $400 a month and my new job will be paying me about $1600 a month.

  • I have VRCHAT and SecondLife installed on my computer. They are both Social Games and usually require Voice Chat to make the most and get friends to talk to. I can't do much at all on VRChat without voice and I have to recover my Second Life account and I forgot the password to it.

  • I Also play Animal Jam but it Doesn't seem like a game you can make real friends on as the chat is very restrictive and TBH I NEVER in my life have seen a game with so many scammers EVER!

  • I used to play RuneScape and GaiaOnline and more recently Dokkan Battle but have since moved on because GaiaOnline was filled with inflation and RuneScape had the integrity of the game changed with "Evolution of Combat" and Dokkan Battle has too much power creep…

  • So right now the only game I am playing is Animal Jam. I made an account to make friends and find love… But I soon found out a few things. 1.There is a big chat filter. 2. Most people who play the game are under 18 apparently although some are over 20. And 3. The game isn't very social… If you try the game everyone is trying to get items and there is a huge amount of SCAMMING!

  • Some other games I have played in the past are Pokemon for the Game Boy and GBA and other gameboy games, Qbert on Playstation, I remember when the fox had downloadable games and Cartoon Network had really good games like their big Courage The Cowardly Dog mmorpg type game. Then Came RuneScape, GaiaOnline, Second Life and other things like those. Those were my big Three for sooooo long… I feel lost now hahaha. That was like over 5 years ago… Then I went to college and blah blah blah… Have not played much since… I then played some mobile games like Dokkan Battle, Puzzles and Dragons, Jungle Heat, Star Colony, Dating Sims, etc…

So I am looking for a new game. I would prefer the following:

  • FREE or Low Priced… Preferably Free With NO Downloads

  • I prefer relationships online rather then in person and so I would like a game that is very social based and where you can make both friends and possibly find love in. I think Second Life and VRChat would be good here but I do need to get a home and I would like some other options as well.

  • I have a newer gaming laptop now so I candle more hard core games. I still would prefer games that are browser based with NO Download. Why? Because it's much easier to get rid of if I don't like it and generally I like "poor" graphics. I don't like graphics that are super highly realistic… Some of my best game play was when I was a kid playing Pokemon, Medabots, and Final Fantasy on the GBA.

  • If there is a story mode have it be interesting not repetitive bland commentary you click click click past and never pay attention to.

  • No pure pvp. I dislike 1st person shooters or games that all you do is pvp and that is it.

  • Diversity in Character Design is a PLUS. I have played some games like Soul Worker where you can only be like 5 people and the story was interesting but written in a bland manner

  • New? Good Community: I found that games usually aren't very open to new players if they game is older… A New game might be good as long as it has a good influx of players…?

  • Articulate: i have played games like Alchemia Story that are ADORABLE and fun.. but the English translation is horrible!!!! and also kinda cute and hilarious but still really bad translations.

  • NO Expansions: I want a game I can play and not have to buy upgrades or anything like that.

  • I generally DISlike classes. I prefer stuff more like RuneScape where classes were more of a unimportant factor…

So any suggestions on a game or an mmorpg?? Also please give me an full name not something like "play GTHDYRTBDY" which stands for some long name….

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