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Help me find this (now shutdown) mobile game

Gamingtodaynews1f - Help me find this (now shutdown) mobile game

The game has been shutdown and is not available anywhere anymore

I want to find it’s wiki just to see all the illustrations

It had some really nice illustrations and I want to find a wiki of the game to see them again

The artstyle of the game was… fluctuating, the human characters you interact with and some silly zombies (like the pelican) had an anime looking artstyle, but some zombie cards had a more realistic looking artstyle, mainly the ones that are supposed to look creepy, off-putting or terrifying, like the uncanny valley SWAT zombie that looked pretty human

It was a zombie game (they called zombies dead man there) and it had 2 main gameplay loops

In the first you select a location (the ones I specifically remember: city center, casino, aircraft carrier, cemetery), each location had different zombies

Then after selecting the location you play a sniping mini-game, which ends when time runs out or you receive enough damage. Every zombie you sniped will be “caught” and become part of your card deck. The mini-game was 3-D and the zombies where shown in black and white with white showing their characteristic features like white (the art style was similar to beholder in that mini-game)

The second gameplay loop was using this cards in a card game against other players or AI (that game had a campaign, one character I specifically remember was a priest that gave me two side quests: the first was to liberate a church from zombies, the second was to bodyguard him while he searched for bodies to give proper burial to in the city)

The cards in the game had really nice illustrations


One of the first (and weakest) cards you get was called “cameramen” and the illustration showed a zombiefied camera-man barely walking as he’s being strangled by his camera cord

Another very strong card I got in the mid game (I don’t remember it’s name) showed an undead Victorian looking dude literally escaping through a portal in a painting, the card had a funny description: the image of a dead men becomes a dead man (that’s how they call zombies in that game)

Another very memorable card I had was called addict, the illustration showed a zombified young woman with black hair with multiple red eyes across the body (the game also had mutants) crawling out of a darkly lit room towards a bunch of needles in what looked like a hospital

Another memorable card I don’t remember the name of showed a big eyed mutant with one eye breaking out of a nuclear reactor crushing two people

Another memorable card showed an infected pelican with acid in his beak

Another memorable card (that I remember to have got in the cemetery) showed a SWAT zombie still holding a gun in a darkly lit street with fire in the background, with the only feature recognizing him as a zombie being his visible full of saliva mouth with a disgusting in color skin. Other than that the guy looked completely normal, even held the gun in a normal looking manner and had normal looking posture

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