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HITMAN is a bit overrated

Gamingtodaynews1b - HITMAN is a bit overrated

I kept seeing praises for Hitman reboot so I finally gave trilogy a try myself, and it's not that good.

The enemy AI is braindead, and I'm not even talking about nonexistent peripheral vision or how they don't see 5 meters away from them. If you're running, crouching or scaling, in most cases nobody reacts to that. Well, that’s not weird and suspicious at all. It's especcially an issue for crouching when you can hide from inforcers while other NPCs can still see you. Also why am I able to distract main targets by throwing stuff? Don't they have more important things to do? Don't they have guards to check this kind of things for them?

I get it. If they made AI too smart, then people would complain that the game is unfair, too difficult and not fun at all. But it’s not just about the AI — the whole game is silly like that.

For example, I was doing a mission in Columbia. I took a tattoo outfit, was going to get on the mansion territory, throw a gun in the bushes and then get frisked to pick it up later, but turns out you don't need to do any of that. Even if you didn't get frisked at the gates, cameras and everyone inside somehow know that I'm the tattoo guy and don't think I'm trespassing. I successfully got to my target through the window and nobody cares. Nobody cares that I came through the window, nobody cares that I didn't get frisked and the whole tatoo section begins like it normally would. And I forgot to mention how I got tattoo guy disguise in the first place. I dressed as a bartender, poisoned his drink and even had a small talk with him. And he didn't even notice that I'm not the same bartender he was talking to 30 seconds ago…


Or how In Dartmoor mission, I solve the case, tell Alexa that I need a case file, and that's it. Wait what? She doesn't tell guards to kill me or get me out of property? No! She then follows on the balcony and lets me throw her out and nobody cares. Guards just stand there allowing me to do all of this and don't react at all. But why?! It's like devs gave up half way through.

Same thing was in Paris. I poison Novikov, he goes to a bathroom to vomit, the guard stands at the door and lets me through so I could drown him. What? Isn't his job to not let me through? It wouldn't even make the game any harder since there's already so many ways to distract enemies. Why is this even a thing? By the way, you could separate the guard from Victor by simply blocking his way and he wouldn't attack you or comment on it at all.

There are some genuinely cool and creative kills throughout trilogy where this kind of problems don't occur. I love openended level design of the game, all the gorgeous locations to visit and how good it feels to control agent 47, but overall Hitman is a joke. I don't mind more lighthearted and funny tone of new Hitman games, but I really dislike how stupid they are.

When I play the game I’m not feeling like I outsmarted my enemies, but rather like I took a candy from a child. What's the point of so much replayability and different ways to kill your target if none of those kills feels earned?

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