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How are some gamers able to play the same games over and over, ad nauseam?

Gamingtodaynews1e - How are some gamers able to play the same games over and over, ad nauseam?

I genuinely want perspectives on this, I'm not just venting.

I have a certain subset of my gaming friends/family who seem to have no problem with playing the same one or two games literally every day of every week, for the majority of their free time each day, for year upon year. And they're not even MMOs, which would make more sense to me. They're games that are scant on fresh content (in my opinion), and they're games that aren't even all that interesting to me. At least, not as interesting as they were when they first came out! Granted, I've sunk the better part of 1000 hours into one certain game I happen to like a lot, so I may be calling the kettle "black" here, but they have hours in other games that absolutely dwarf my playtime in that. Games that came out years ago, that are so yesterday's news to me.

It blows my mind because I have a list that's a mile long of games across all genres that I want to play and beat, eventually. It's a lot of single-player games, frankly, but there's some multiplayers in there too. There's not many kinds of games I won't play or at least try, I can play everything from hardcore RPGs to sports, indies, experimental, you name it. Not to humble brag or anything, just being transparent with you.

But I only have so much time to play games, and that's not an excess of time once you factor in responsibilities like work, sleep, and general adult stuff. The funny thing is, they act like I'm the weird one for this. One friend has straight up told me before that he doesn't think I like multiplayer games at all, which is patently false. I don't know how many times I can tell him: "Dude. I think that's a cool game, I just don't want to play it every day of my life. You know? I'm kinda over it." But if I don't play with them every day, we ultimately lose touch. It's like it's impossible for me to only join them even just a few times a week, I must dedicate myself to the one or two games they're into, or I'm not there at all. They just don't get tired of these games, and I don't understand it. I'm no stranger to losing sleep and productive hours over a good game, don't get me wrong, but it's natural to move on eventually, right? Right?!


One friend in particular, we have actually butted heads over this before, since I've put a lot of time and good money into attempting to get them to play many games they've expressed or feigned interest in over the years. But they always goes back to their old faithfuls, sooner or later, they will rarely put enough time into a new game to really be worth a darn. When they actually do get into something, it's not what I expect. The things I expect them to enjoy, they don't get into it, it's like pulling teeth. Eventually they're back on 'Brutal Shoot'em'up 6' that came out seven years ago, along with my other friends, and they're just fascinated by it.

I would really like to hear some other gamers' perspectives on gaming habits and what's "normal" for them. What is a game that you really enjoy that you just don't get tired of, no matter what, and why? Maybe it could help me understand this different approach to playing games, because honestly I've been really stressed over this, wondering if it's "me". I don't know how to tell them politely that I just don't want to play with them literally every day, without it sounding like I'm ditching them.

TL;DR: How do you not get bored of playing the same game after literally three thousand hours?

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