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How can each gamer archetype avoid disappointment with a game?

Gamingtodaynews1f - How can each gamer archetype avoid disappointment with a game?

In our mission to enjoy ourselves, the game is only responsible for half the job. We are responsible for the other half.

This is true in that we decide how to frame our gaming experience.

For each gamer archetype, this might mean something different. What is a gamer archetype?

In Bartle's Taxonomy, the gamer archetypes are:

  • Achiever
  • Socializer
  • Explorer
  • Killer

Reference: Bartle's Taxonomy – What Type of Player are You? – Extra Credits

For a particular RPG coming out, there is a disclaimer that is echoing around its subreddit, along these lines:

"If you try to play this RPG like a skill-focused shooter, you'll be disappointed."

This mantra is mostly designed to temper expectations. But I think we can do more than damage control, for ourselves. I think we can constructively engineer optimal enjoyment for ourselves, and help others to do the same (differently), based on our mindsets.

I'm an explorer, so I felt immune to the disclaimer mantra, and as I reassured myself I noticed a safeguard in my mindset, along these lines:

"As an explorer, I just need the game to be functional, because my adventures in the game world will either satisfy me, or I'll engage my imagination for the dissatisfying parts to create my own satisfying experience."

What I mean is that I can honestly have a worthwhile gaming experience with a game that is mediocre in gameplay, social elements, and achievements if it meets a basic threshold of exploration satisfaction, as an explorer gamer. If the sub-par gaming experience offers enough substance for me to daydream and muse about interesting themes, concepts, and systems — I'm satisfied.


In the case of Cyberpunk 2077 — which is the game that sparked this concept — I'm satisfied with a moderate experience with living in a believable city and experiencing basic themes of futurology, because my Explorer archetype allows me to take that substance and play with it in my imagination, enjoying the experience thoroughly.

So what about you? Our truegaming subreddit has the Rule of Constructive, and it's a great methodology to apply here.

How do you suggest for someone to enjoy themselves a bit better with a game that isn't designed for their Archetype?

  • How can Achievers make the most of such a game? By setting their own goals? By looking at existing goals in a different way? Other ways?
  • How can Socializers make the most of such a game? By socializing through their own channels? By creating their own community in meta: forums, etc? By socializing with NPCs in their own way? Other ways?
  • How can Explorers make the most of such a game? By hunting for hidden areas and Easter eggs? By discovering deeper points in the game systems? Other ways?
  • How can Killers make the most of such a game? By "killing" in alternative ways where the game limits killing? By trying out different methods of defeating enemies? Other ways?

The game that sparked this train of thought for me is Cyberpunk 2077, but it can be applied to any game. Feel free to use real examples.

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