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How do you feel about Game Awards being mostly AAA/very popular games?

Gamingtodaynews1b - How do you feel about Game Awards being mostly AAA/very popular games?

So, I've seen the winners of the game awards, and as other years, I feel a weird sad feeling about them.

I want to start this by saying that I feel like all the winners are (or seem) very great games (at least the ones I know), so it's not about them being bad. What I would like to talk with you is more about how I saw this list of games and can't stop thinking about how all of them are all AAA games OR the very popular indie of this period.

This for me it's a bit sad because it feels like popularity is the number one metric, and I feel like there are a lot of little gems that just fall flat or have at most just a nominee. Sadly, this year I've not played a lot of games from 2020 so I can't really make a comparison, but this is a sentiment I feel every now and then so it would be nice to know what you feel about this or if you have something similar in your mind, especially if you are more informed than me about 2020 games that are not that popular. This, to me, feels very similar to how animated movie are somehow not worthy of the general Oscar apart for the best animation.

To go more into details, I also feel a bit sad that usually the super praised games have a realistic visual and a dark tone/sad story. Keep praising these games makes me think that we don't really want to praise what's new but what makes as feel deep and mature and grown up, and by awarding those kinds of games you are somehow encouraging it, especially in the AAA industry (luckily indies are way more varied). That's why the new AAA game just feel the same to me usually. It's not that they are bad, it's just that it is starting to be obvious.


Talking about the last of us part 2, I think the game is great and can understand how it has won so much, but still feels to me like a bit of a bandwagon. It's a great game with a great story, but they make it seems like the second coming. I feel there is not even space for the other games just because TLOU.

2 other submissions have really bugged me: Among Us and Phasmophobia. I know the first pretty well and think it is a very funny game, but the multiplayer award is just because of its popularity, not for some multiplayer specific reasons. After all is just a Mafia game done in a funny and accessible (easy to start a match) way.

Phasmophobia, I know it just be watching and hearing of it, and it seems to have a nice concept, but it is an early access game that seems very buggy and rough and that is exploded in popularity thanks again to streamer and it has won the debut category. If I was one of the devs of one of the other nominees (also being a dev myself), which seem very well crafted, I think I would be very sad and demotivated, because the lesson is "just create a trend" instead of "effort pays off".

It's something I use to feel also for reviews and how the mainstream journalism seems to work so maybe it's more than just this award.

What are your feeling about this?

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