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How do you return to a game that was magical and relive it in a way that makes it magical again?

Gamingtodaynews1b - How do you return to a game that was magical and relive it in a way that makes it magical again?

There are a few games that I've been trying to put off replaying until my mind forgets them enough to re-enjoy the magical experience, games where the music just made me hit pause for awhile and get emotional for some reason (like during moments of "I am Setsuna" when the song "Loss" came on, a game I wasn't expecting to love that much, but the music was incredible, in my opinion) or you get so hyped (like during the FF7R opening mission or the Airbuster battle; both missions serving as some of my favorite tracks/in-awe moments) along with many of the Switch ports to relive and appreciate from the Wii U era, not to mention the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection as well

In other games, it's the story and environment, like when I played my first Persona game in Persona 5 in 2017, although in this case, an updated version (Persona 5 Royal) kinda makes it easier to know when to return (personally; along with how much time has passed for a remaster to come out) to the world and certain moments that just stay etched in your mind that you want to revisit, hopefully as magical as the first time

The game I've been putting off the longest, is Life is Strange; a game I remember playing for the first time in the fall of 2016 at a friend's house because my mom was strict on mature games and checking consoles/computers until graduating high school in the same year, but I remember going over to his house to play it there and embracing how I felt like a mini-rebel for doing so, something that made me connect with Chloe in a way, going against the grain even when your parents disapprove, and the game marked the beginning of my first steps away from what many of my friends called a "sheltered upbringing" which made it even more special


I guess my question is this. "Life is Strange" and "Life is Strange: Before the Storm" is getting a remaster towards the end of the year, but before it was announced, I was turn on when to return to Arcadia Bay because my memory of LIS1 and many games are too sharp, and I'm afraid that it might not be as magical as the first time, and that dipping my feet in to nearly remember it almost perfectly, will restart the whole process of waiting to enjoy it again

So, in the future for other games that may not receive a nearby remaster to kind of let you know/make it easier to return to a game by reminding you just how much time has passed (with TLOU remake coming pretty soon too…), I wanted to know how others go about revisiting an experience that they remember and hold dearly to their hearts, to make them magical again, if they even think about it as much as I do. Any responses are appreciated, and thanks for also reading

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