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How does this game idea sound.

Gamingtodaynews1g - How does this game idea sound.

It's a hoverboard racing game. Your vehicle hovers close to the ground and accelerates automatically, with the left analog stick being used for steering, and the A button being used to brake, and the right analog stick being used to control the camera.

Holding the A button will charge up a booster, which will give you a speed boost upon being released. If you keep the booster charged up at full capacity for too long, you'll burn out.

Quickly rotating the left analog stick in a full turn does a spin attack, where your vehicle spins in whatever direction you rotated as a way to hit other players and enemies.

When shooting off a ramp, you can glide by moving the left analog stick down to glide up, and right to come down. The A button can be used to just drop down instantaneously.

Items can be picked up by pressing the A button at the right moment when passing over them. These will give you additional power or attacks that last for about 10 seconds. Attacks can be used by lightly tapping the A button (holding it will still result in a brake/boost).

Falling off edges does not exist in this game, you'll simply bounce off of them.

There are 2 different modes to play. The first mode is called "air mode". It's a standard circuit race with 4 racers (player 1 plus up to 3 CPU or human opponents) competing to finish a certain amount of laps, but they're also a goal you have to accomplish before you can finish the race, usually something like collecting certain items, hitting certain checkpoints, or killing certain enemies. In air mode, you have 1 character, 1 vehicle, and 8 tracks playable from the start, with 2 additional characters, 13 additional vehicles, and 1 additional track being unlockable through progression.


The second mode is called "top mode". It's similar to air mode, except it's played from an overhead top down view. Gliding is disabled, and the tracks are smaller, but require a greater amount of laps. Goals are also simpler in this mode. In top mode, you have 1 character (the first playable character from air mode), 2 vehicles, and 7 tracks playable, with no additional content unlockable through progression.

DLC packs are available for $1-5, allowing you to unlock additional exclusive characters, vehicles, and tracks for both modes.

Mario and Link would be exclusive unlockable characters for the Nintendo Switch version, with additional Nintendo characters available through DLC.

Both modes support online play with players worldwide across all platforms. Online play works just about the same as offline play, but tracks are selected randomly, and only characters/vehicles/tracks that you've unlocked through progression or purchased in DLC packs can be used online. Ranked and casual play is available for both modes.

The game's MSRP would be $49.99. What do you think of the idea?

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