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How extensive should trophies/achievements be? Should they cover all of the content in the game, or just the basics?

Gamingtodaynews1f - How extensive should trophies/achievements be? Should they cover all of the content in the game, or just the basics?

I realize that there are plenty of people who don't care about trophies/achievements, which is a completely valid viewpoint. But I'm interested in discussing them, so I just ask that no one leave comments simply saying that they don't like them.

I've been playing Persona 5 Royal over the past two months (I won't be discussing any spoiler related content if anyone's worried about that), and some of the trophies differ from the original Persona 5. If you haven't played the game, you have multiple NPCs called Confidants that you can form relationships with and level up that relationship. They're basically smaller side quests dedicated to that specific NPC. In the original Persona 5 there was a trophy to max out every Confidant relationship but in Royal they changed the trophy so that you only need to max out one, which is kind of what got me thinking about this topic.

On one hand, part of me feels like trophies/achievements (or at least some of the bigger ones) should cover the more extensive part of the game. After all, they're called "achievements", so you should be achieving something. In Persona 5's new game plus mode your confidant levels do carry over, which made it much easier to earn that trophy, but earning it in one playthrough really was quite an achievement. You had to be diligent with your free time and make sure that you were constantly working towards that goal, and it took a lot of work. And as games have become more common, achievements have shifted from "legitimate achievements in the game" to "hey you played the game, have a trophy" for the most part, which makes them a bit less meaningful to me.


But on the other hand, trophies/achievements that cover that much of the game can also be really irritating to complete. One of the most annoying ones in Assassin's Creed Origins required you to visit every point of interest on the map, so you essentially needed to do all of the side activities and visit every single location. It gets to the point where you're sick of seeing the question marks on the map because they feel like they never end, but you have to clear them all in order to earn that achievement. It feels less like a legitimate achievement, and more like "alright I jumped through all of your hoops, give it to me please".

Every time I think about it I usually go back and forth quite a bit. I really dislike "pitty trophies", where the game gives you something for doing one of the basic activities in the game, because they just seem pointless. But I also dislike trophies that require you to grind a bunch of repetitive content in order to earn, because it feels like a waste of the player's time. I realize the irony, because trophies/achievements are legitimately worthless – you don't get anything from them that you can use in the real world, but alas. Anyways, what are your opinions? Should trophies/achievements cover as much of the in-game content as possible? Or should they simply cover the basics and main story?

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