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How good(and bad) games ruined my MMORPG experience

Gamingtodaynews1e - How good(and bad) games ruined my MMORPG experience

Obligatory: This is just my opinion, it may or may not translate to your reality.

I've been searching for a new mmorpg to play for a couple of years now and all I find are disapointments, I was always ranting about how mmorpgs suck nowadays, well, its been a long time since anything was ever able to fulfill my requirements and I began to believe it is because I am expecting too much.

You see, during the last decade I've been playing alot of games, both single and multiplayer, as a regular gamer. The thing is, most of those games left good impressions in me and now I can't have fun without some of those games characteristics. Lets go through some of the stuff that is happening to me, my companion and most of my friends.

Albion online has an amazing multiplayer interaction where you are sometimes forced to be in good terms with someone for trading or alliance reasons, this led me to meet new people and try my best to be a good friend, or at least an ally. This was such a great experience that I now look for this in EVERY multiplayer game I play.

Path of Exile, although questionable, there is no such thing as a meta build in PoE, I am free to make a str stacking witch using a 2h-sword or a Berserker with a full int build even some crazier stuff that dosen't go without good context, this makes my character feel unique and I enjoy the concept of being able to have my skill personalized to match the playstyle I'm trying to achieve. As a result, I can't play meta games anymore, I'm not interested in investing my time to create a Paladin that has the same skills and tanking capacities as every other paladin in the game, I don't give a furry's rat a** for league of legends meta and I'm left playing smite ivern mid or some other bullshit. As a plus Grinding Gear Games has been the best company I've ever dealt with regarding paid transactions and community feedback.


Ragnarok, Tales of Wind, Lucent Heart and Dragonica(dragon saga), although most chinese companies suck, these games had a cute couple system in some cases that was the whole reason I was there, because the game would recognize me and my gf as an actual couple and would enable us to do fun couple stuff (like getting married and owning a house), as always, as a result, I don't play any other games with my SO if we can't be a couple.

Minecraft, minecraft ruined world exploration and building for me, I'm a developer so redstone is my gamer boner, besides that, I'm able to build farms, houses, cities, machines and even have dogs and cats as cute pets for me and my SO. Its basically like playing house, but online. Whenever I spend too much time on a game and I can't look back and watch all that I've built and accomplished together with my friends and family, I usually just quit it.

Well, there are many other games, I just figure these are the most well known out there and already open up lots of room for discussion.

If you're interested in what I'm playing right now, I'm stuck with a private minecraft modded server, its great, fills quite a few of these requirements BUT, Its only open when everyone is online, and that is 00:00 – 02:00 am. Anyways, feel free to share your opinion and also, if you know any good games that fill all of these categories, please, please for the love of god please, share.

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