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How The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shaped part of my life

Gamingtodaynews1e - How The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shaped part of my life

Hello! I just have to write this story, as I've now come across a new Let's Play for this game again. It shows me that this game is just special and still awesome after 4 years.

Spoiler of the first hours of BotW

I came to enjoy a Switch at Christmas 2017, I could hardly believe it, but that's not so important. As a game I got Mario Kart 8 as a gift. Everything was great and I found everything great. I played almost every day, including games like Nintendo Labo and FIFA 18 coming the next year (yes, I played that on the Switch…). Then I found out that there were a lot of Switch games available to check out at a library near me. I, without expecting too much, get an ID card made and randomly borrow games. After maybe half a year, I saw Zelda and thought to myself: yep, I'll take it. Before that, I only heard about it, but I wasn't like on YouTube or anything and didn't know much about the game. Stop Zelda, that name said something to me a little bit. Open-worlds didn't mean anything to me, I wouldn't have believed something like that was possible anyway. Then I wake up in a mountain and find it cool, because I can run around freely in the room. Okay, it's going down and then the game – still hasn't grabbed me. I thought, cool picture, but it would be cooler if I could run there. But when I walked around on the plateau, I couldn't believe that I could walk everywhere. It was the most awesome game for me, haha. Now an old bearded man is babbling down texts that I, without reading them, skip over. Something about markers and shrines I understood, nothing more. So I walk around there on the plateau and am happy. After a while it gets boring and I try to do the tasks as well. And from then on the game really convinced me. The atmosphere and for me this incredibly large world is wonderful. That you can go at bokblins from everywhere, that you can climb on camps, I couldn't believe that. As I said, this large world was crass for me. I didn't know about games like Assasin's Creed or anything like that, I didn't know open-worlds existed. The biggest game world I've ever experienced was Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


Plus the absolutely awesome story, which is just perfect.

What I'm saying is that Nintendo has created a perfect game that is still celebrated by fans and modified with mods. And this perfect game wants to be topped by a successor. And this is my request to Nintendo: You have created a perfect game, part 2 must be AT LEAST as perfect. So please take your time and don't make a cyberpunk disaster out of it and don't give us a bugged game. Give us the indescribable atmosphere of the first part.

So, that had to come out.


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