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How to fix MMORPGs

Gamingtodaynews1e - How to fix MMORPGs

The Problem

For competitive players the MMORPG world has gone to crap.

I grew up on UO, Diablo, and the old school stuff. It was awesome. Sure there were some bugs and the GM's were still learning to handle the player behavior (duping, out of control PKs, etc..) but all in all it was a great time to be a competitive player.

Now P2W has absolutely killed the genre for competitive player.

Most games are P2W, even though they try to argue they are "F2P friendly". This can be true for a casual player who just wanna play the story a bit, but for competitive players F2P means "suckers to get destroyed by the P2W whales"

For those of us who are competitive players its a nightmare. Whales completely dominate the leader boards and arenas. And there seems to be less and less resistance to the model.

There is no incentive to cater to F2P, of course, who can blame them, they need to make money, these games are super expensive to create. Any real solution will kill their profits.

Remove P2W? then where do they make money, these games are expensive to make.

buy-2-play? you need constant revenue to maintain servers and update content

subscription / P2P? player base is limited, in MMORPG the most important thing is to have a huge player base to populate the world and make it fun. Some of us would pay, but most won't and that means super small player base.

Split the leader-boards/arenas into F2P and P2W? No, then you will only have top Whales spend money, people would choose to not spend even a penny to stay on the pure F2P leader-boards and arenas.


and on and on… There seems to be no solution… or is there…

The Solution

Kill P2W completely, register accounts to people and verify identity to prevent account selling, and implement all the player-trade restriction like P2W games do to prevent people from selling goods outside of the game (can still be a public market that prevents out of game purchase and account transfer. eg. BDM market).

…and make it F2P.

Ok.. you got a MASSIVE player base.

but where does the money come from? the game needs lots of revenue to pay for servers and development.


Step 1 Set the game in close to present day time.

Step 2 Allow advertisers to put up billboards, sponsor events, gift branded items, etc.

Imagine a modern day set MMORPG.. present day except maybe there is magic and monsters and dragons, or zombies or vampires, etc..

Coca-Cola can put up billboards, plaster the arena with their logo, pay to have stamina pots be bottles of coke.

McDonalds can sponsor a tournament, pay for food to be Big Macs

Nike can pay to create a special set of shoes that boosts your speed.

If you made this game there would be an insane amount of people willing to be hardcore players. finally its only your time playing/grinding and skill at playing that matter.

What do you guys think?

It's the only solution I can think of for the plague that has infested MMORPG.

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