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Hunting For A Unicorn Of A Game

Gamingtodaynews1f - Hunting For A Unicorn Of A Game

Let me start this by saying that I'm picky, so that could be my major problem. Or I'm just not looking at the right games when I try to find something. I'm not sure, to be completely honest.

So, what I'm looking for is a fun fantasy (High, dark, or low fantasy- any of the three are great. So is steampunk) online game. I know that isn't too much to go on, so: I am looking for either a PVE-based game, or one with active PVE servers (I despise PVP.) If I need to look for a private server for one game or another, that's perfectly okay with me, too.

I do not do the P2P or subscription thing, unless it is an extremely fun game. If it is a good game, I'd much rather have a subscription, than having to buy the game outright. (I don't really think it makes sense to outright buy a copy of an online game.) P2W is something I do my best to avoid at all costs, too- because of how unfair it is.

That being said, things I look for in an online game are: A decent storyline, quests that are fun to do and PVE. Things like crafting systems and/or pets are a nice bonus, but aren't requirements. I am an RPer and while I would adore there being a decent (not too hard to get involved with, non-asinine) RP crowd, I understand that it might be difficult to find such a crowd that isn't asinine to some people. If there is no RP in the game, it just needs to be fun and not abandoned. (I'd prefer RP potential in a game that has none, but that is 10000% not a requirement.)


I have played: NexusTK (It used to be my favorite online game until everything went downhill), Dark Ages, Forsaken World (I have played the official server and a private server), Requiem: Memento Mori, Ragnarok Online, ArcheAge

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I have tried (And Couldn't Get Into:) LOTR, BARP, Ultima Online, TERA, Flyff, Dofus, RAN, Dragonica, Aura Kingdom, Shylia, Perfect World, Rappelz, EverQuest, Guild Wars

I have tried and do not like: Nexon/Kru's current games (Mabinogi, Maple Story, Maple Story 2 and Vindictus, to name a few) DO, WoW, Star Wars, D&D Online, Neverwinter Nights, FlyFF, Aura Kingdom, Wonderland

I do not care much about graphics, but I don't particularly like super-cutesy graphics. Almost any style is completely fine and dated graphics are fine as well. But I don't like the super-cutesy graphics where every character looks like a kid and all monsters look like they should be someone's pet.

I'm not sure if I'll find anything at all, or if you guys know of anything that I might possibly be interested. But I thought it might be worth a shot posting this as its own thread, since the things I like are probably not exactly the most popular. Like I said in the title though, this is probably a hunt for a mystical unicorn. 😛 And thank you in advance for reading this!

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