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[Hypothetical MMO] Would you pay $100 in addition to $100 monthly sub fee for this MMO?

Gamingtodaynews1b - [Hypothetical MMO] Would you pay $100 in addition to $100 monthly sub fee for this MMO?

**What you are about to read is probably far-fetched and can only be dreamed of.**

The game comes with a long, rectangular gorilla glass tablet (the size of a large desktop Corsair mousepad), a high-tech headset, and a Bluetooth camera to sync with the previously mentioned equipment. And you only need these items + a monitor to play the game.

The Long Tablet

The Long Tablet is the "computer" for the game, which is why you only need it, the headset, and the monitor to play the game (camera optional for streaming purposes).


The headset is a piece of technology that will allow players to interact with the game world through verbal and thought/visual imaging communication. It can – without fail – determine if verbal communication or thought/visual imaging communication is relevant to gameplay at each point in time, while at the same time preventing redundancies of any kind. Adding to this, it can accurately distinguish thoughts as "intentful" or "non-intentful," all without error, and implement verbal and thought/visual imaging communication accordingly.

Meaning, if you say something or think of something in the real world as you are playing, the headset will determine if your words or thoughts are to be spoken or implemented. And additionally, let's say if you subconsciously (or consciously) think of an NPC as attractive, that you even blurt it aloud to yourself. The headset will determine those thoughts and words as "intentful" or "non-intentful," and therefore, you may or may not be blurting it aloud in-game. On top of that, when playing with other players through something like Discord or voice comms, it will distinguish such communication as "non-intentful" and prevent you from engaging in such speech in-game so that you don't look like you're talking to yourself around NPCs and other players.

Verbal Communication: You may use verbal communication to interact with NPCs/Players and the game world.

Main reason to use verbal communication: Communicating with inhabitants of the game world and with players; invocations/incantations of skills/techniques

Thought Communication: Verbal communication may be done via thought communication. You can "think" what you want to speak. Thought communication also paired with Visual Imaging Communication.

Main reason to use thought communication: Communicating with inhabitants of the game world; invocations/incantations of skills if you prefer not to say them aloud

Visual Imaging Communication: An action imagined in your mind will be performed as you intend it to be performed. Ex: if you imagine swinging a sword a certain way, or evading an attack a certain way, it will be performed that way in-game that is appropriate and natural for your character's physique and build. Also to note: if you imagine lifting a boulder, your character may not be able to perform the task if they are too weak.

Main reason to use visual imaging communication: walking/running/traveling through the game world; interacting with game world objects (like opening a door, tieing your character's hair up or pulling it back, taking off clothes/equipment, the way you hold a weapon or carry a weapon, the way you sit down or stand, etc etc etc.)

A player's character is tied to the unique mind of the player upon activation of the equipment and entering the game world. Only 1 character per player. Ever. Meaning, if a player's equipment is lost or broken and they get a new set of equipment, when they log into the game with the new equipment, they will be logging into their original (and only) character. The equipment has a database of the mental imprint of each player playing the game and can accurately determine if someone is using new equipment to enter the game world or has "switched heads". In other words, it is impossible to be playing in someone else's stead or have someone wear another person's gear and play for them while they are gone.

Assumptions about the game:

  1. It's a true, open-world gameplay; The game world is the size of a planet that is 10x the size of Jupiter (most of the game world hasn't been discovered because it's too dangerous); You can travel to any and all places in the world, granted if your character is strong enough to visit any and all places; This includes oceans and lakes and all bodies of water; Bodies of water are also inhabited by creatures/monsters; The time progression ratio is 1:1 to real-time (probably too extreme? IDK)
  2. NPCs are exactly how you read about them in science fiction/fantasy stories (think of NPCs in Gamelit/LitRPG stories); They do not have pre-determined scripts and dialogue and can be considered "virtual people" and are self-learning just like real people; They can verbally enunciate words with proper mouth movement; They can address players by name even if a player name is XXXNoob123XXX; NPCs aren't just useless people; They can be as powerful or even more powerful than any player can hope to be; maybe some God-level NPCs
  3. Towns are fully inhabited; If there are 1,000 homes in a town, there will be ~1,000 NPCs; If there are 1million homes, then ~1million NPCs, etc.; All homes and buildings can be entered and they will be decorated and furnished uniquely by their owners; You can go and have breakfast/lunch/dinner/sleep at any NPC's house, granted if they allowed it; You can get married and have a wedding to an NPC or player; You can be punished by towns/cities/kingdoms/countries if you break their laws (stealing, murdering, etc.); You can also buy your own land or lot in the city and have your own estate or building constructed (either by NPCs and/or players – or if you have mastered some construction technique/skill you can do it yourself).
  4. Most monsters have very little to no intelligence and can't defend themselves. Thus, they can't block or evade attacks. But there are monsters and monster species that have lived for hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of in-game years and have attained hyper/divine intelligence and wisdom. They can block and evade attacks, and can analyze their opponents' fighting patterns, and develop strategies in the middle of the fight to counter their opponents' attacks, just as a real fighter would. Also no "area of effect" indicator for monster skills/abilities as well as for player skills/abilities or attacks because life sucks and this game is meant to frustrate people and put them in their place. Also, monsters (and NPCs) can run away if they think they will lose, just like how a weak person in real life would run away in a fight, too. The monsters that can speak verbally or telepathically may also converse with their opponent and offer a deal or come to a compromise to avoid battle, since that is what can also happen in real life. (this goes for NPCs as well)
  5. Oh and mounts. You don't get mount drops in this game. Mounts are creatures, and creatures live out in the world. The only ways to get mounts is to buy mounts from a mount shop in which a Monster Tamer has captured and tamed creatures and is selling the creatures. The alternative would be to befriend whatever creature you want as a mount and make it your riding companion….or if you're evil, fight it and make it submit it your will. Reminder: some creatures possess hyper/divine intelligence, so if you're evil to them, they might not like you and run away. Of course, this will probably never happen because the chances of you making a creature of this caliber into your mount is close to 0. You should consider the other lesser, sapient creatures of the world.
  6. You can get haircuts/makeup done by NPCs or other players (or cutting it yourself) in any way you want; If your character works out or eats too much, their body will reflect their physique and health (following an appropriate time-scale of real-world body transformation)
  7. Auction house (with a Real-money trading option to offset the fact that if you play this game, you might have to quit your job and hope the wealthy people fund your life); In-game currency trading available for player-to-player and for player-to-NPC; RMT available for player-to-player trading only…obviously; You can barter with NPCs at shops and stores if you think their prices are too high; You can barter with not just in-game currency, but also with items and/or services; To offset inflation, in-game currency can be transmuted into useful things; Surplus of "Trash" loot can also be broken down to get crafting materials
  8. Character equipment design has unlimited styles and variations; You design and describe what you want and the super smart NPC makes it for you…or a player…if they are smart enough; This applies for virtually anything that you can put on your character, ranging from clothes to accessories to weapons; If you don't think they made a good product you can return it or have them keep on working on it until it fits your taste; If you're superficial and don't like your face you can get it transformed and reconfigured to your liking through magical means by a person with magical powers (probably an elf)
  9. No classes or universal skill menu; If a player wants to do X, Y, and Z (in terms of combat), they have to learn how to do it themselves and practice; They have to use Thought and/or Visual Imaging Communication – maybe even some Verbal Communication as well); This includes holding a weapon, swinging a weapon, throwing a weapon, etc. So if a player wants to learn a "Dagger Throwing Skill," they will have to make up the skill themselves and practice and fine-tune it themselves. If a player wants to invent their own Jutsu, they can invent their own. (Yes, Shinobi/Ninja are in this game.) If they want to invent a Spirit Bomb technique, then they can (if they are even powerful enough to do so.) This goes for anything in the game, really. Even new methods for crafting and crafting/alchemy recipes!!! Alternatively, if players aren't smart or creative enough to invent their own techniques, they can learn skills/techniques from instructors and martial arts masters. (Again, they'd still have to practice.)
  10. Characters can only carry as much as they physically can, which will be dependant on how physically capable they are. (A character stat like Strength will affect how strong a character is….there are also other character stats that affect other aspects as well….) The alternative for inventory space would be to obtain interspatial rings (you may have heard of them), or to be well-versed in the spatial arts/magic so that you can store your items in space. (Spatial arts/magic is a difficult thing to learn; very time-consuming; not for everyone)
  11. If you are fighting a monster and step back on a rock, you might trip and fall. If you use a powerful technique in the middle of the ravine, the cliff walls might crash down on you. The shrubs and vegetation? They're real, too. They might scratch you, so don't go mindlessly running through them. Ocean waves might drown you, too, or carry you off to sea..
  12. The game acknowledges the party system. There is no limit to the size of a party, and you can party with both NPCs and players. However, "friendly target avoidance" is not a thing in this game, therefore if you use a large AoE skill/technique, it will affect everything in its path. Same thing goes with regular combat weapons like bows and arrows – you can shoot your own allies. When you're in a party and everyone is attacking the same monster, you might collide with each other and hit each other. (Or kill each other). Everything is fair game. (This point might be a little extreme. But I think some people will love it, so why not?)

(I understand the technology part of the post is probably weird and insane, but it's the only solution I could think of that could allow for some parts of the post to be plausible. :/)

Anyways, what do you think? Many All of these points are probably terrible, but I digress.

Main question is: Would you pay $100 for the game/equipment, and a monthly $100 subscription fee to play this game?

And no, I'm not necessarily saying that I have developed this game or any component that has gone into making this game.

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