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I am conflicted

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So, I unsubbed from WoW after a month into Shadowlands. I realized I was bored to tears of that type of play.. quest hub to quest hub, everyone does the same exact thing, dungeons/raids/dailies.. etc. blah.. sick of it.

So, I've been for the past week dabbling in several different games, trying to find something "new" within an old game.. since I've already played all of these at some point.

My options are:

FFXI (private server) Retail is out of the question, because I have no interest in soloing all the way to end game in that game. There are better options for solo play.

EQ2: I'm aware this game is kind of a WoW clone, but it sticks more to the fantasy/medieval side of things and that appeals to me. The world feels far more vast and open, and the housing is pretty much the best there is in any game currently.

FFXIV: This FEELS like a WoW clone so far, even though I'm only level 15 in the free trial, but the "quest hubbing" doesn't feel as crappy as WoW because there's a storyline happening in it, and several of them intertwine and I'm actually paying attention to the story, but alas it's still menial quest hub leveling. I'm told it gets better later.

GW2: There's a lot to like here, but for someone who came from a game like FFXI, it feels TOO CASUAL? If that's possible. The zipping all over the world bugs me alot.. but I do like exploring, and the jumping puzzles, even if the exploring does get sort of boring after a while, I'm an explorer not a map completionist.. and GW2 is more the latter.

RS3: I liked the idea of a skill based MMO, and I tried OSRS back in the day and couldn't get past the graphics, but the graphics in this are charming. But, the world feels incredibly small and cramped, and not in a good way.

So, here's where I'm at currently.


FFXI (Wings XI) is free, and will run on both my laptop and desktop which means I can play in my office or in my bedroom next to my gal who likes to play games on her phone or watch movies. I can also play with a controller and it's a very relaxing game.. BUT everything takes forever and you can literally be online for 2-3 hours and not feel like you got much accomplished, and at a certain point you will need to rely on others, or when you start to join parties, you will be locked to your computer for 3-4 hours if you actually want to level and not piss anyone off.

EQ2 will also run on both my machines, so I get the same bonus as FFXI, and I do have friends playing this but who knows how long that will last, they game hop like nobody's business so I never play anything with them expecting it to last more than a month or so. I will eventually have to sub/buy the expansion to do everything I'd want to do which will cost me some change.

FFXIV will also run on both, but not nearly as well as the other two options, and can also be played with a game pad, but I don't really prefer that in this game. I tried it on PS4 but my TV is too far away from my bed, and everything is too hard to see.. so computer it is. I like the story, but the free trial will eventually run out and I'll have to spend some money to keep playing this one.

GW2 I already own the base game, so I know I have tons of content I can do without having to pay anything else, but I get bored pretty easily in this game because it doesn't feel like a vast world.

RS3 I think I would only ever be able to play this as my "don't have time to play anything else, while I'm doing something else on my computer" game.. but because of that reason I don't want to spend 11 dollars a month for it, and there's only so much you can do as a free player.. it doesn't seem worth it to bother.

What do you guys think? What game does it seem like I am leaning towards? I'd be opening to playing 2 of them, but I don't think I can manage more than that with my schedule.

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