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I am dumb and want to share it

Gamingtodaynews1f - I am dumb and want to share it

ok so, i feel like i need to tell somebody this.

You guys know super mario 64 ds right? well, i grew up playing that game and ever since i was really young i still managed to beat it twice, i played all minigames, collected all stars and explored every single place from the castle and levels. I was really young at the time, probably 8 or 9 so i started playing some other games on my ds blah blah blah…

so naturally my memories of that game started to get more fuzzy and i was finding it hard to pin point exact locations and stuff, so i picked up the game and played it again had a blast, dropped it. This was at the age where i started using youtube and along with it learned how to search for topics that interested me. So there i was watching mario 64 ds videos and i eventually stumbled upon a weird video that showed BRAND NEW LEVELS and NEW LOCATIONS i was intrigued since ive never seen those places before, it was late so i wnet to sleep. I had the craziest dream ever. I was playing Mario 64 dsand not like watching myself play nonono i literally was Mario, fullscreen and all. Im suddenly at some loooong hallways with a similar shape as the castles door shape (on the inside) i kept running around and finding toads that gave me stuff to give to other toads and it was just weird. i eventually got tired of running in what seemed an endless bunch of long hallways, so i jumped into a painting. It was a candy-like world it kind of looke dlike that one Mk8 deluxe battle track, it had the same colors and all, in the middle of the tiny (compared to others) map there was a house made out of candy…


I wake up, immediately grab my dsi and start playing mario 64 ds, i assumed the hallways were underground since it really gave an underground-ish vibe, it was quiet, big, and lonely.

I (obviously) dont find anything so i just forget about it… time passes and we end up here.


Same place. Different time, Different dream. (Mind you i havent played that game in years since i sold my ds and have nothing to play it on, i still have the cartdrige) I was watching some kind of youtube video talking about the game and the dude was saying how everybody at this point knows (name of sand-like world) like the back of their hand!

the guy jumps in some kind of massive purple pipe, classic bowser shaped transition. Now i am controlling Mario in the same long hallways, i looked around more hallways, i instantly recognized the place and started going to places i didnt go last time. I found some kind of water and lava division with two big pipes and a bowser face…

I wake up, this time tho i rush over to youtube and type "hidden mario 64 ds levels" nothing pops up but what i did find was a rom named Another 3d Mario or something like that.

I realized that what ive been keeping on the back of my head for multiple years was just a combination of a rom and the actual game….

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