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I backtracked my most played classes and it’s related to my real life

Gamingtodaynews1f - I backtracked my most played classes and it's related to my real life

So I had a talk about MMOs and classes last night and it really made me think about all those years playing mmos and rpgs. My introduction to the genre was Ragnarok Online where you don't create a character with a class. You need to earn it by training, going to their guild (let's say the Wizard Guild, located on the Magic City of Geffen, or to become a Knight you need to head to the Capitals Chivalry and go under training, etc). So every class has its lore, its purpose on the world and becoming one reflects what you may be, if you're trying to project into the game.

I thought the process was cool so I'm trying to share it here. I do think it projects me and my changes in life.

First phase: Archery

I'd always play archers. No idea why. I still love archers to this day, but I can't play one anymore, and it isn't from burnout. Even shooters, I can't bear to play a sniper. Every friend I had knew I'd play the archer, no one even tried. My most played games:

Ragnarok Online: Archer -> Hunter -> Sniper

Perfect World: Archer

Mobas: Ranged carry

Any shooter (too many): Snipers

RPGs: The archer/sniper dude. Dragon Age Origins was a chore tho.

Maybe I was projecting my life into gaming, where I'd distance myself from the problem and just nuke it around. I don't know for sure. What I know is that I can't play archers anymore. I find kiting annoying and flashy magical archery boring. More on this later.

Second phase: High burst stealth

So I don't really know how I started liking stealth burst classes. I think it was from the cool factor from one shotting someone and getting out of there quickly. I liked the mobility, the big numbers and the fear factor. I'd still fall back to archers for some quality time. Most played games:

Ragnarok Online: Thief -> Assassin -> Assassin Cross

Perfect World: Assassin

Mobas: Only LoL, Vayne 95% of the time, a few stealth burst characters the other 5%

Shooters (too many): Started using CQC weapons and flanking became the norm

RPGs: Rogues, Assassins, the more edgy the better. DAO became a breeze tho.

I think shooting arrows in the backline just became less atractive. It was by the time I'd get into MMOs PvP and FPS competitive scenes. I needed to get closer to the action. The skill ceiling for being in melee is higher (depends on the game), you'll get more rewards the better you get. Be that a FPS or a MMO. The adrenaline from parrying, deflecting and dodging became too strong in my games. And kiting turns out to be annoying. Games with no kiting just turns bow into a melee weapon with weird animations anyway.


Third phase: Bruisers

I think I've grown less patient. I don't want to shoot arrows from afar. I want to be close to the action. I don't want to go stealth and run from my target, relying on surprise burst attacks. My mentality totally shifted to "Let's settle this now, no tricks, the better fighter wins". I wanted a straight behemoth in a battlefield. I've even started playing tanks that could do damage. "You think you're good shadow boy? Come get me". I started liking Bruisers even more. Tanks to an extent. And the cool assassin get-in get-out gameplay became "rogues can't fight head-on, run to live another day. Call it tactics, I call it lack of power". Most played games:

Ragnarok Online (15 years later, still playing)
: Swordsman -> Knight or Crusader -> Lord Knight or Paladin

DnD 5e: Devotion/Revenge Paladin or BM Fighter

Tree of Savior (didn't last long): Swordsman -> Cataphract -> Dragoon -> Lancer

ESO: I couldn't stand the floaty combat, so I quit, but I was really enjoying my Templar. Every class was the same, but the only non floaty skill is the javelin throw. Else I think Dragonknight would come close to #1

Shooters: Assault rifles, stand my ground and advance as an unit type. I created my own CSGO team and under a year we went pro. After 3 years we had to drop the game (not enough sponsor money for a 5 players living costs). I was the in-game leader.

I had a rough time transitioning from 2nd to 3rd phases. To the point where I had to drop every mmo and rpg because I would expend 40 hours reading about classes and thinking and 15 minutes actually playing. Something was out of place. Did I liked assassins? tanks? bruisers? light warriors? I couldn't enjoy any gameplay because I wasn't really sure of what I wanted. And it's a videogame so the gameplay comes first.

As I said, class is really important to me. I do think it really reflects us. Even if it doesn't, I think it impacts gameplay and our enjoyment more than we know. Deep down.

And I've never, ever, liked any magical class.

Thanks for reading it!

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