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I can’t see the appeal of Skyrim and Elder Scrolls games

Gamingtodaynews1b - I can't see the appeal of Skyrim and Elder Scrolls games

First let me say that i have given Skyrim a good amount of time, i have started the game twice, played for a several hours both of the times, then lost interest in it.

So most of this below is my personal opinion, it does not contain any spoilers that i know of:

The Story – Well this is one of the weakest part of the Game, the story felt like a randomly generated fantasy story, yes there are dragons… and you must kill them, that was about it. The narative was very weak.

The World – Note that all of this is a personal opionion, but the world felt kinda bland, in a sense that the atmosphere was not here. Comparing it to other open world similar games, like for example The Witcher 3, the difference is gigantic. In Witcher 3 there is this feel that the world is alive and the characters are alive in it, even when you are not playing the game, the world feels like it “exists” and when you play in it as Geralt you are just a participant. There were many times in that game where i forgot for a moment i that the world is not actually “real”. In Skyrim i didn’t felt that a single time.

The Characters – I don't remember a single character from the game. Everything felt again randomly generated, starting with your main character, all the side characters and all the main storyline characters. None of them was memorable. None of them had a distinctive “real-like” personality and backstory. The characters and character development in other games is so much better, there is not even a point comparing it to The Witcher 3 again. where all the characters are so well designed: Yennifer, Tris, Ciri, Blood Baron etc…, you can remember them even after 2-3 years of playing the game. They have a coherent back story, are consistent in their personality, but the most important they “feel like” characters, with unique “personality” that it is randomly generated.

Other games i can think of that blow Skyrim out of the water in this field is Persona 5, yes i know they are nowhere the same genre ,but there are similarities of what they are trying to achive in the end after all. They are single single player games, with RPG elements, whose main focus is on story. and Persona 5 is reference of how character development should be made.


Even if i compare it to games that don’t have the “best” storylines and characters, still most of those games blow Skyrim out of the water, For example Assassin’s creed games are kind of known for good games, but not quite masterpieces with no flaws. The games main focus have always been on the gameplay while the story and characters are on the ok/decent site, and yet they blow Skyrim out of the water by mile. I have played Assassin's Creed II back in 2010 and yet I remeber much more of the story and characters than when i played Skyrim last year.

The Roleplaying element – I guess this is where the Skyrm and ESO games most shine and why people like them, but the roleplaying element in those games did quite the oposite for me. Here i will compare the general Elder Scrolls game design. For example i have played World of Warcraft for a decent amount of time over the past years on and off, and recently my friend was trying to get me to try ESO online. But after he described the game i was not interested at all. Especially that the game has not class identity. It is viable to play as mage, warrior and healer at the same time(For example a mage class can hold sword and shield). There is no uniquness or class identity, everyone is playing the same class. The main reason why i like World of Warcraft is because there is class identity, when you play as a rogue you feel like rogue, when you play as a mage you feel ike mage(you are ranged qizard with weak armor that only source of dmg is spells), etc..

Well this might seem like a rant or hate towards Elder Scrolls franchise or Skyrim, but it is not, i don't hate the games at all, and yes i know i'm not forced to play them, i just cannot see where this masterpiece rating comes from, most of the elements that the game is supposed to deliver: story, characters, atmosphere world, RPG class design(opinion based), etc… are not there.

Feel free to change my mind if you are up for a discussion, and sorry for my bad English.

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