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I created a new website to collect/archive information on MMO’s, called MMO Archive

Gamingtodaynews1b - I created a new website to collect/archive information on MMO's, called MMO Archive

Hello mmorpg!

I'm a lifelong MMO fan like many others but have noticed how it's becoming harder to find information on various MMO's these days. I'm the kind of person who will play just about anything at least once just to see what it's like. However, as much as I love Reddit, this subreddit isn't always the best place for just raw information. And a game's specific subreddit can range between being a plethora of information to being bone dry.

A new website was posted here a few weeks back, and it reminded me of what I thought was really missing in the space. A site that just focuses on the MMO's themselves. Not just news, but interviews with devs, links to patch notes, and resources for guides. I don't have any problem with opinion pieces, places like MassivelyOP have a ton of great ones, but I'm personally the kind of gamer that likes to swim in facts and stats and guides. I'm the nerd who reads all the patch notes from when they've been away. Even if it doesn't make sense.

With MMO Archive, that's what I'm focusing on. I'm gathering strictly news, patch notes, interviews, and guides for MMOs. I won't be writing opinion pieces on the site, nor will I be archiving them. Once again, not a dig at opinion pieces and editorials; it's just something I've found myself wanting as a gamer. There's already a ton of amazing writers out there doing pieces, and interviews, and guides, it's just sometimes hard to find them if you don't know where to look.


What makes MMO Archive unique is the way the website is laid out. The hub of the site is the Games List. It's not just a tag aggregate; it's an actual page that serves as a hub for the game. It has the standard info like when it came out and the publisher and such, as well as links to buying the game. Then there are links to some top reviews of the game and finally a list of some of the recent patches, guides, and interviews related to the game.

The way I'm doing it is a bit time intensive, but I think it looks pretty nice when finished. I have the World of Warcraft and Black Desert Online pages fully completed so you can see what it looks like. And since those are dynamic boxes, you can bookmark an MMO you have an eye and use it to see what's new on the game quickly.

I'll be steadily adding games each week, although I won't be posting private servers for legal reasons. To support the website, I'm using affiliate links for the games along with a Patreon. I have two ads on the website, but they're not obstructive, and it'll stay that way. Ideally, the website would bring in enough to pay for itself as well as my time.

I hope folks find the site to be useful. I'm obviously still building it up, so the list of games is like a whole 10 at the moment, but it'll expand pretty quickly now that I have the base work done. I'll also be taking tips for guides to post for games as well. That will be definitely be needed for smaller/niche games where finding information outside of the community can be tough.

Happy Gaming!

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