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I Don’t Know Why I’m Becoming Very “Picky/High-standard-y” With My Games?

Gamingtodaynews1e - I Don't Know Why I'm Becoming Very "Picky/High-standard-y" With My Games?

For me, I've been looking a long time for a game because most of my other games are making me a little bored. I love these games that I've played, but I know that I'm getting bored with them. I've played a lot of RTS games, so I've been changing my likes from the classic Age of Empires to larger strategy games like Total War and Paradox Grand Strategy games.

I've split-off into other genres of games like RPGs and base-building games, but with every game that I've played, I've been more and more nitpicky with them. It's like with Fallout 4, I'm like, 'Oh, I wish this had better dialogue and better choices', or another thing like, 'Oh, I wish that Fallout 4's base-building aspect was developed in these ways '. Actually, Fallout 4 got me into the base-building genre, but I digress.

Additionally, I'm getting a lot more nitpicky and I'm like, 'Holy crap, it's 2020 and we still don't have a game which has '. Like, one thing that I really wish I could get is Transport Fever 2 with realistic scale, or OpenTTD with underground mode (yeah, I know I can code it myself, but… I'm bad at C++ lmao). Other examples are like, 'Holy crap, the newer TW games are still not as fun as the older ones'. Like, I'm in the middle of a battle in Three Kingdoms and I just roll my eyes or get annoyed when something happens in Records mode because 'Seriously? The difficulty buffs won't allow me to do that?' or 'Lol, if I was playing Shogun 2, this would be a lot easier to do strategically'.


You also have open-source games like Songs of the Eons and 0 AD which have nearly everything I want but are really unfinished and will take another few (if not another few dozen) years to happen. Even worse, I always think 'This game would be perfect if it had this feature.' I search for a game with all the stuff I love with that one extra feature and then… there really hasn't been a game with that feature, or the game which I am currently playing and wish could be better in that one thing is the current best implementation of my idea.

Other examples where I'm really picky is being incredibly disappointed in the current directions of Total War battles, and wondering why we still don't have a Real-Time-Tactics game that has a larger 'campaign' mode which has the same amount of management as a Paradox game. In general, my standards for games are growing higher and higher, so it's like, 'Ughhhh, I don't want to code these games myself,' because I know that I would be a very bad game dev.

I wonder if any of you guys are having the same problems and how you guys changed your mindset. I don't want to buy a 30 dollar game and only play it for 10 hours, then go, 'This really could be better if '

TL;DR, how do you guys convince yourself to have lesser standards when buying games?

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