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I don’t think Super Mario 3D All-stars is a bad deal.

Gamingtodaynews1e - I don't think Super Mario 3D All-stars is a bad deal.

I was already expecting to see people complaining about 3D All-Stars before it was revealed. But MAN, I wasn't expecting this much! Seriously, everyone is complaining about it. Especially non-Nintendo fans went crazy with this. One of the most popular posts on
gaming - I don't think Super Mario 3D All-stars is a bad deal.

r/gaming pretty much trashes us Nintendo fans, it literally is calling us idiots. Seeing how everyone is trashing this, I feel like I have to write this. So 3D All-Stars was one of the biggest things people were wanting from Nintendo this year. It was crazy how many rumors people made. When it's finally revealed, people are still complaining about it. I don't think it is expensive and I think it is worth it, let me explain it first before you downvote me.

So first of all, these are re-releases. Nintendo never said these were remasters. For Mario's 35th, they are re-releasing 3 of the big 3D Mario hits in one pack in HD. That's what the reveal trailer said. We get Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy from this pack. These games are one of the best games of all time. 64 was the most important game from the 90s, Galaxy is the highest rated platformer of all time, Sunshine unfortunately is underrated but it is also called a masterpiece from a lot of fans. So all of these 3 games are not just "some old Mario ports", they are amazing masterpieces!

So many people are comparing this to Crash and Spyro Trilogy remasters. They are saying Crash remastered 3 full games and it was only 40 dolars. Well that is true for sure but come on, can you compare Crash and Spyro to Mario?

Mario: A series that had an amazing 35 year legacy, saved the entire gaming industry and is the reason why gaming exits. Almost every one of it's main games are masterpieces. Best selling video game series of all time. One of the highest rated series of all time.

Crash and Spyro: Unlisenced Mascots who died after 3 main games that are very similiar to each other and was not really a masterpiece at the first place. They are just simple fun platformers, nothing crazy. They just came back with remasters. Nowhere close to Mario in terms of ratings or sales.

Not to mention Crash and Spyro Trilogy have 3 very similiar games from the same generation. While this one has 3 very different games from 3 different generations. Galaxy has already aged amazing. Sunshine is amazing too. 64 didn't age as well maybe but still the art style is not bad. Not to mention gameplay and level design is still very amazing and still better than most of the 3D games from this generation. Also Super Mario 64 is longer than the entire Crash Trilogy. It's longer than the entire Spyro Trilogy too. So you will get so many more hours from this pack. And Mario has way way way better gameplay and level design so they can't be compared!


You are paying 20 for each game. Or if you want to take the Virtual System prices. Mario 64 is 10 dolars, Galaxy is 20. I don't remember what Sunshine was but let's call it 15. So 45 dolars. Okay let's add extra 5 for it being HD. 50? Let's add 5 more because of Music bonus. 55? Let's add 5 more because of it being ported to Switch (Also Galaxy features motion controls with Joy-cons and touch screen in handheld mode.) 60? And let's thank Mario for this amazing games? Well 60 definetlly is worth it! This imo is an amazing pack. I already played these games a lot but I'm going to buy it again and %100 them. I will buy it to support Mario and well they are amazing games so why wouldn't I? I would like to play them on Switch instead of powering up my old consoles.

For the Limited Time thing, well I don't really understand why is that? That doesn't even help Nintendo, this pack is going to sell awesome so why limit it? Yes it's going to sell more now in it's first months but if it stayed there it would sell way more than it will now. I saw a video that said Nintendo may make more packs like this for their old games. So maybe after Mario 35 goes, we will see Zelda pack? And than after it goes we will see more packs of old games? I think it is a good idea to sell old games in HD with packs but still it shouldn't be limited. Still not makes sense why it's limited.

Also about the final complaining is Galaxy 2 is not here. Galaxy 2 is my fav Mario game after Odyssey so I was sad about this but even the first rumors said nothing about Galaxy 2 coming. Wish they added it but can't really blame them for something they didn't promise at first place. Maybe they are planning something different with it in future?

So yes that's what I wanted to say, I'm tired with this all "Nintendo bad" stuff and thought that someone had to say this. I don't really think Nintendo is as anti-consumer as what people makes it. Sure when you look at it from outside they seem to be extremlly anti-consumer but most of the things they do imo makes sense if you think more about it. For example their pricing is what a lot of people hates. But there are reasons why their games are full-priced and never goes on sale and looking at those reasons I prefer them to be full-priced and not really have a lot of problems with paying them 60 because I know my money will be used great. Call me a fanboy if you want but I'm not. I can see Nintendo's mistakes such as their Online and Joy-Con drift. But most of the things people are complaining imo (especially pricing) are not that bad and makes sense. I guess I didn't explain it good but well let's leave this for a different post

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