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I feel like we don’t talk enough about DCUO (DC Universe Online)

Gamingtodaynews1f - I feel like we don't talk enough about DCUO (DC Universe Online)

DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion, please don't be toxic.

I started playing DCUO roughly 8 years ago today, and while I've taken various extended breaks (i.e skipping all of 2019 and most of 2020), I always come back to it. So, I want to talk about the leading superhero MMORPG for a bit.

First of all, this genre of MMO is probably my favorite. I love fantasy, and I've played ESO for most of 2020 and GW2 in 2018 and 2019, but I missed modern themes, cities, and of course superheros. As someone who grew up watching the Teen Titans, Young Justice, Batman Animated Series, Green Lantern animated series, and Justice League, I really appreciate that I can see most, if not all, of my favorite superheroes and villains. Moreover, since the DC Universe is so diverse, I still get a good amount of magic and traditional fantasy themes when characters like Raven or Wonder Woman are relevant. The voice acting is great too IMO.

I also love the combat and the powers. I like the wide range of weapons as well as the number (15) of powers you can choose from. The combat is a weird fusion of tab targeting and action combat and I love it. In fact, it's my favorite combat out of any MMO. I like it more than GW2 and I certainly like it a lot more than ESO's combat. And the choice of powers gives you a lot of freedom. You could be a tech guy like Batman or a magic wielder like Doctor Fate.


I think that the dungeons and raids (8 player) are fun too. I also like the duos, which I don't see in many MMOs. Over the years the open world aspect has had its ups and downs, and while it's not on the level of GW2 or ESO, I think that it has been steadily improving since 2018. I personally really like Atlantis. Their representation of Metropolis and Gotham are the best I've seen in any DC video game as well. While they reuse various parts of these maps very often, I don't particularly mind since the cities are quite large and I enjoy seeing them.

The game is still active on the PS4/PC servers, and the devs have steadily been releasing content about every 3 months with seasonal events often falling between them (Wonderverse came out in July or August, the Fall seasonal was a couple of weeks ago, the Halloween seasonal is current, and the next DLC comes out in November).

The game isn't perfect, and I do wish I could change some things (like make more content feel relevant), but I really enjoy it and just wanted to share. I think that now would be the perfect time to try it out since all of the DLCs that were previously locked due to a paywall are free now. A subscription offers you other perks, but at least the PvE content (not including the class associated with them) is free. As PS plus member, you get Green Lantern's power as well.

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