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I finally found an MMORPG that I love after years of trying and failing.


As someone who is new to an MMORPG I am hoping this thread will be seen by others who were in similar situations and help them try something that in my case worked for me.

So first before I dive into this I wanted to give some back story here. I for years have wanted to get into an MMORPG. I played shooters religiously and lets be honest those have grown stale over the years. I wanted a game that felt refreshing every time I played it and naturally everyone recommended an MMORPG. I played Overwatch and loved the concept of having characters in different roles use their abilities to achieve a win so naturally an MMORPG should have been appealing to me.

I tried World of Warcraft for several hours with some friends a year or two ago and felt it was so much work with no reward. I felt like I was running from point A to point B to deliver a letter and then to point C to pick up a cake to deliver back to point A. I know that this is the largest MMORPG out there but I just simply could not get past the story. I come from a shooter background like I said earlier and I am way to antsy to take the slow burn approach. I don't want dialog I want action.

After failing with WoW I decided to try to get back into an MMORPG. The one drawback I saw to MMORPG's was a monthly subscription, so after doing research I naturally decided to buy Elder Scrolls Online when it was on sale. I booted it up and again spent a few hours attempting to get into this game. I didn't really have an issue with ESO because it did have some action and a really cool world you start out in. The reason I didn't continue playing ESO was simply I didn't know anyone who played it and could show me the ropes. That was a major setback as I had no idea what I was doing other than clicking stuff.


Recently my buddies decided to get back into Final Fantasy XIV and wanted me to tag along. I agreed but told them I doubt I would last as I just simply could not get into an MMORPG due to little success in the past. I went to their website and created my account. Holy crap was their website atrocious so I wasn't expecting much at all. I decide to buy the game since it was on sale and proceed to download the game…. Wow the game's download servers are one of the worst. Took me 7 hours to download the game on a 200mbps connection. I think games do this so you can't return it on steam. The launcher downloading the game counts as played time….. Anyway that's a discussion for another thread.

I launch the game and it's more of the go to point A to deliver this to point B type stuff. It's not holding my attention so after 2 hours I stop playing it. I decide to give FFXIV one more chance and boot it back up after I took a break and I am so glad I did. Once you reach level 5 or so you start to do 1 on 1 battles with bosses. This really peaked my interest as I felt like I was finally doing something. As I continue through the main quests there are boss fights and skirmishes sprinkled within. Next thing I know I'm 10 hours in and level 24 and ready for my first dungeon. I run through my first dungeon with my buddy and it was so fun! I finally see what the hype is here.

I will say there's 2 more things I love about FFXIV that helped me enjoy the game. Being able to teleport at such an early stage in the game is a life saver for my attention span. If I felt it would take me more time to get to a quest than it would to complete it I simply teleported to the nearest sanctuary. The Second piece I love it that all of my friends can still do everything with me with level sync. I've heard that isn't possible in many other MMORPG's and it's a shame because I want to actively play with my friends.

I hope this post catches someone who struggled to find MMORPG's enjoyable for the same reasons I did. I think this will be a good platform for me to branch out into other games eventually but right now FFXIV is my itch.

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