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I gave my Nintendo Switch to my nephew, and he plays it every day!

Gamingtodaynews1b - I gave my Nintendo Switch to my nephew, and he plays it every day!

Hi all,

Here's a story that might make you smile. I bought the Switch in '18, and I used to play Pokemon Sword and Animal Crossing all the time. At one point, when covid started, I had bought Animal Crossing and literally played it every day for an 1 hour to 2 hours to about September, when I got a little fatigued and work started ramping up.

So my nephew is 5, and he would come over and play the Nintendo Switch. He's learning his letters and knows what A B X and Y are! And he was so excited to play animal crossing, he was always saying to me: "Go get the pear! He's hungry! We need the coconut, chop down the tree!". So one day he came over and was playing it with me in my lap, and when he had to leave he was sad that he couldn't play it.

Then I had a thought. I was born in 92 and received the Nintendo 64 back when I was 5 in December 1997. I'm 28 now but the effect that Nintendo 64 had on me was profound – it was an integral part of my life as a child, and I eventually owned over 50 games, and I feel so nostalgic thinking about how much I loved playing video games and exploring worlds. The Nintendo 64 will always hold an evocative and sentimental place in my heart. He was the same age as me, and so I thought, I should give it to him! He'd love it just like I loved it! And he could play it on the TV and play the games I already own, which include Animal Crossing, Pokemon Sword, Super Mario Odyssey, and Cities Skylines and a few others.


So I packed it up in a plastic bag, and gave it to him. Looking back, since I kept the original box, I should have put it in the box to give it a sense of novelty for him. My sister asked me about 6 times, are you sure you want to give it to him? And I shrugged it off, thinking, hm I wonder if this is a good idea, but yes this is a good thing. I gave to him, and he didn't know what was going on at the time, but after 2 weeks of playing it, my sister tells me he plays it ALL THE TIME. And she's wanted to buy him one but it's been impossible/expensive to get one this year.

I am so happy thinking about that. I miss my Nintendo Switch deeply, I loved playing it and I still have my village in Animal Crossing I left behind. But when I was 5, and his age, my aunt and uncle gave me a Nintendo 64 and it really made my childhood, and I'm glad I could do the same for him. He is just the cutest thing, and he loves playing hide and seek and playing games with me, after 5 hours with him I feel completely poofed out, but when I say goodbye to him, he always says, "Uncle! Go sit in the car seat? Where you going?" And my sister says he can't come with us since I live elsewhere. And then he almost starts to cry.

I hope he grows to love it, and it provides him with impactful memories, just like the Nintendo 64, the gameboy and the Gamecube did for me.

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